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    What did I miss?
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    Jamal Lowe

    Oh the irony of DJ starting his own thread that he would have merged if anyone else had started it.
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    Pat down checks

    Covid can be spread through contact transfer.
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    Non - AFCB fans who own pubs away from home.

    You didn't post your address, you posted that you lived near somewhere. Threatening kids is well tough of you. You're a grub mate.
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    Players To Come In For Next Season?

    Are you Ivans agent?
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    Non - AFCB fans who own pubs away from home.

    I grassed you up for two reasons. Firstly because I knew you would blow a gasket, and secondly you threatened my kids. No, I don't remember telling everyone to invade your address, because I don't know your address, nor would I ask anyone else to do something I can do myself. I have it on...
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    Non - If You Like A BBQ By The Beach

    Can see a supply and demand issue here BPC.
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    Non - AFCB fans who own pubs away from home.

    Tricky one this, but I think Vlad_the_Impaler owns one somewhere in a basement in Christchurch. To further add to the mystery he is both the barman and the clientele, hence his confusion and differing states of consciousness. If you do manage to get in, hes got some cracking stories about...
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    Steve Cook

    He'll love the Dolphin centre in Poole.
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    Junior Stanislas

    Great news, he is quality when he's injury free, creative and can score goals. He was most probably also assessing Parker and his methods before he signed. We need creativity, because Brookes aside we don't have a great deal at the moment. When are we signing a striker?
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    Non - Marcus Rashford

    Man who can make a difference, does.
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    Non - Space Race

    I'm surprised Druss or Redharry haven't told everyone they've been to space yet.
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    50 Million for a player who cost zilch thanks Southampton

    Saturday night and Steve no mates is on a Bournemouth messageboard having his idea of fun. Lonely Steve? TICK
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    Stacy the right winger?

    Well, wipe it down before the missus sees what you're up to. Or did you mean vomit?
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    Players To Come In For Next Season?

    I think finances dictate we will have a few loanees.
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    England Euro 2020

    Never expected we would win it. So not that disappointed.
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    Joshua King

    Christ alive. Sensible post alert from Vlad.
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    England Euro 2020

    I suggest the 'Countdown' themed clock music.
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    Wednesday Wheeze

    Just got a second hand iPhone from a European chick, had to delete all the contacts. It's now Hans free.
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    Aaron Ramsdale

    40 quid is a bit more than half.