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  1. New Forest Cherry

    non - can't believe no-one else on here picked up this? not reported in the guardian, then? :rolleyes:
  2. New Forest Cherry

    meet the stoke city commentary team

    straight from the Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club (one for the teenagers there)
  3. New Forest Cherry

    Our much maligned recruitment policy...

    loads in the media in the last few months about how poor we've been in the transfer market siting solanke and ibe as (the only) examples - I seem to recall that glen johnson being particularly obsessed the usual lazy journalism we've become accustomed to blown apart by ake and ramsdale with...
  4. New Forest Cherry

    Lewis Cook is the new Jack Wilshere...

    56 games, 4 assists, 0 goals discuss
  5. New Forest Cherry

    Brighton away

    anyone know when they're going to open block D? do we have to ask or something??
  6. New Forest Cherry

    scum tickets

    anyone know when block 43 is going on sale, or is it already sold out? tickets site says all tickets have been issued.....?
  7. New Forest Cherry

    scum ticket available

    face value back of block 44 pm me if interested
  8. New Forest Cherry

    kasper schmeichel...............

    why is he such a massive cant? Discuss
  9. New Forest Cherry

    the latest scum meltdown

    dick van dijk off to liverpool bertrand to chelsea redmond wants away training ground bust up manager close to getting the chop :hihi:
  10. New Forest Cherry

    just got back.....

    to the hotel over the road, not a great game thought we were nailed on last game on motd until I heard scummers had a nil nil :hihi:
  11. New Forest Cherry

    from their forum

    summary from scumweb (so you dont have to bother); would have won 35 nil if gabby roslin hadn't been injured got tired in second half cos all their superstars had been on international duty and ours weren't never a penalty ref was an awayer that was our one and only chance ever to get a win at...
  12. New Forest Cherry

    so jack's not coming

    21 games 2 assists 0 goals £100k a week
  13. New Forest Cherry

    fao neil dawson

    Where in the pantheon of afcb non scoring, diminutive midfielders does jack wilshere currently reside? I've got him somewhere between james rowe and steven foley :hihi: