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  1. ErikthViking

    Just got back

    Six points. Great entertainment. AFCB live. Worth it.
  2. ErikthViking

    Spare ticket for QPR available

    I currently hold two tickets for tomorrow night and as there is only one of me, would anyone like a ticket for the Ted Shed? Please PM if interested.
  3. ErikthViking

    AFCB Programmes giveaway

    I still have some home AFCB programmes to give them away free, gratis and for nothing, broken down into lots. I will be in Dorset between the Barnsley and QPR matches and can deliver within, say, 20 miles of Poole, or you could meet me before QPR. We could also come to some arrangement to post...
  4. ErikthViking

    Should never have ;)

    Mings and Ings
  5. ErikthViking

    Non-Bootham Crescent

    A post for all those of you who liked the old grounds, however deliapidated they became. Some may find the last paragraph poignant.
  6. ErikthViking


    I have been told that afcbTVLive will follow the same outline as other clubs (including West Brom, for example) have published. That being true, the service ought to be pretty much like last season. The club are awaiting some information or other from the Football League and until they get...
  7. ErikthViking

    Non - football strategies

    AFCB supporter in the USA alerted me to this:
  8. ErikthViking

    Wales v. Denmark

    Mepham back and playing well? Brooks on after 70 and scoring a long-ranger? Wales to win? Anyone else looking forward to the AFCB involvement in the Euros?
  9. ErikthViking

    21/22 fixture release and a couple of other dates

    Fixtures will be released at 9am on Thursday, 24th of June. The season kicks off on Saturday, August 7th. One televised match is likely on Friday, August 6th. The transfer window will close at 11pm on Tuesday, 31st of August . The final day of the season will be Sunday, 8th May .
  10. ErikthViking

    European Super League - why weren't we invited?

    Last five matches against the European champions Source:
  11. ErikthViking

    That was the season, that was. When did it go wrong?

    Yesterday was not fun, the season ended not with bang, but a whimper. But, yesterday was just the culmination of the season. When did it start to smell funny? Was there a moment which can be identified that was the tipping point? Or were there many factors that contributed to a disappointing...
  12. ErikthViking

    How do you feel, right now?

    Bournemouth are in my blood and I have sepsis. But, like the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, 'it's only a flesh wound and I'll get better.' Can't wait for next season to start. UTC!
  13. ErikthViking

    NON - A new era of sleaze?
  14. ErikthViking

    The run in fixtures

    Surely, Norwich and Watford won't throw away the two automatic places. All being well (from our point of view), the top six positions should be contested by seven teams. With goal differences as they are, Cardiff, Millwall, Middlesbrough...
  15. ErikthViking

    Championship table forecaster

    Once again, the Grimsby fans website has a forecast predictor: I put my predictions in, trying to be both realistic and optimistic, and got this result: Why not have a go yourself, take a screen shot and post here?
  16. ErikthViking

    NON - Never should have, or?

    Ibe Mk. 2 ... except we made money on this one. Discuss.
  17. ErikthViking

    A year ago today

    If anyone is feeling down after yesterday's disappointment consider this. One year ago today, at about this time, we were trudging out of Carrow Road into the cold night air having lost for the 13th time. Failure to break down a stubborn defence resulted in a 1-0 defeat having had a man sent...
  18. ErikthViking

    Boxing Day Memories

    Since their is no football becuase the yellow-livered boys of Millwall are frightened of a deadly little virus. I mean, I ask you? What is the worst that can happen? Anyway, with the lack of footy today we might as well skip the day completely. After all what is Boxing Day without Footy? All...
  19. ErikthViking

    Non - David Cornwell I unclogged his garden drain, but apparently that wasn't worthy of inclusion.