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  1. kirsikka

    Tickets v Huddersfield - 23rd October

    Finland's on the green list so I'm mulling over bringing Child 1 and Child 2 over to see their grandparents (who they haven't see for two years now, thanks Covid) and cousins in October. It isn't certain yet but if it comes together, is there anyone out there with 3 tickets (1 adult+2 children...
  2. kirsikka

    Should never be prefaced NON: Eddie

    Bit of a surprise. You'd have thought he had better offers.
  3. kirsikka

    Lerma / Colombia / Red list

    I wonder where we stand on this with Jeff? I make it the quarantine would mean we'd lose him for three league matches. So that would be him missing for nine of the first ten matches of the season...
  4. kirsikka

    NON: Barnet

    There but for the grace of Max...
  5. kirsikka

    AFCB v Chelsea - Coaches' Voice

    I thought this was really interesting. Plus, the highlights if you want to see what he was talking about in action:
  6. kirsikka

    Team v Norwich

    I think most would sympathise with Parker wanting to rotate as much as he possible can for this game. It's a competition that's far down the priority list for this season against an opponent that will likely be pretty tough and we're in the midst of an insane injury crisis. We genuinely can't...
  7. kirsikka

    Last season / This season

    For a whole host of reasons I did not enjoy last season. It had the air of after the Lord Mayors show about it. There were rumours a club legend had been poorly treated which left a sour taste. There seemed a chaotic approach off the pitch and what happened on the pitch was often not much...
  8. kirsikka

    Some thoughts...

    I'm back after six months without posting. Didn't even notice I was gone, did you? Never mind... You didn't ask for it but this is my take on events: The manager Parker seems alright. Time will tell but a decent start. It's rare that a legendary club manager is followed by a good one. It...
  9. kirsikka

    Match report v Forest

    ----- Woody Subsumed By Forest ----- After Tuesday’s reportedly exciting showing against Burnley I was filled with anticipation for the match today. In his attempt to come up the outside and flank the other contenders for the job Woodgate gave an AFCB league debut to Pearson alongside Lerma...
  10. kirsikka

    AFCB reasons to worry

    The last time we played Burnley in the FA Cup when they were in the division above us and it finished 2-0 with us putting on a good show we had a bunch of players out of contract at the end of the season. I really don't want to see S Cook, A Smith etc rock up at Turf Moor next season.
  11. kirsikka

    AFCB reasons to be cheerful

    1 - We might get a look at Pearson tonight who sounds like a really interesting addition. I'm looking forward to hearing how he did. 2 - There are no FA Cup replays this season so there's no possibility of having to watch a second match v Burnley 3 - If the talk of Woodgate not being a genuine...
  12. kirsikka

    No match report on Tuesday

    I've just noticed it's an early kick off on Tuesday so I'll still be at work and won't be able to write a match report. If someone else fancies it then jump right in. It might be good for people to get away from my ramblings anyway :grinning:
  13. kirsikka

    Match report v Birmingham

    ----- Points In The Right Direction ----- The last time AFCB faced Birmingham with a caretaker manager in one of the dugouts it finished 8-0 prompting the immortal response from one of the Brum fans ‘If he didn’t want the job he could have just told us’. Woodgate reportedly isn’t in the frame...
  14. kirsikka

    Match report v Sheffield Wednesday

    ----- Tuesday Wednesday Unhappy Days ----- The Cherries came into the match following the diabolical display against Reading last Friday and an awful set of January league results in desperate need to kick some life back into the season, or at least put a performance on the pitch. JT brought...
  15. kirsikka

    NON: Burnley takeover

    Seems they've been sold to a leveraged buyout. Looks like a potentially bumpy ride for them ahead, especially if they were to go down one season.
  16. kirsikka

    AFCB matches rearranged

    All our matches are to now kick off after 9pm. A FL spokesperson said they felt screening them after the watershed was appropriate so young children didn't see something so shocking.
  17. kirsikka

    The Brentford defeat

    How pivotal does that look now? We actually looked like a good team then, playing the ball around and putting in a good performance that, despite the result, left some hope for what might come next. There was an inkling that Tindall might actually be getting it together despite the three points...
  18. kirsikka

    Match report v Reading

    ----- Unintelligible Performance At Reading ----- After the recent terrible league form has seen a drop down the table, Tindall’s team faced up to a crunch match at Reading with four changes from the last non-cup outing. Mepham, King, Rico and Billing coming in to replace Carter-Vickers, Kelly...
  19. kirsikka

    Match report v Crawley

    ----- Cherries Creep Past Crawley ----- FA Cup time and with a chance to put the recent league form behind them Tindall went with a very strong team from the outset, Wilshere making his first start since re-signing and none of the youngsters getting on from the beginning the notable choices...
  20. kirsikka

    Match report v Derby

    --- Bournemouth Slump To Toothless Defeat --- The Cherries lined up away to Derby after a run of poor results and performances with Tindall bringing Danjuma back into the line up for King and Kelly in for Rico as the system reverted to the more commonly seen this season wing backs with one up...