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  1. AFCBade

    Empty Seats

    That’s the thing, Rob, blame ST for not enough seats when the club could easily make returns easier or actually expand the ground. Not many businesses out there that want to reduce their customers giving them money As for having a go at well off fans for not regarding £20 as worth the effort...
  2. AFCBade

    Cardiff City v AFC Bournemouth

    Take a point given how difficult their style of play is to counter for smaller teams.
  3. AFCBade

    Empty Seats

    define taking the piss. If every ST holder missed just 2 games a season (not unreasonable behaviour given 1 likely ill and 1 family commitment), then if we have 5k ST tickets then over 23 games that’s 434 empty seats a game. If 6k STs then 521 empty per seat. So if we have c 400/500 seats...
  4. AFCBade

    Empty Seats

    Worth adding that in current climate, those people who don’t turn up to games due to experiencing possible covid like symptoms in the morning of a game are doing people a favour! Key is ease of letting the club TO know the ticket is spare late in the day.
  5. AFCBade

    Arnaut Danjuma

    yes - hence “lack of availability”
  6. AFCBade


    How come Hampshire have lost half a game in the current table?
  7. AFCBade


    Funny, it’s not that often afcb have such combative games but when they do it’s usually against teams that like to dish it out or want to provoke us. Can’t think why.
  8. AFCBade

    Chris Hughton

    ….or maybe not! Odd as he had an immediate impact but then lost their way in the second half of last season
  9. AFCBade

    Arnaut Danjuma

    Long way to go to become our greatest player. 2 seasons in champ wouldn’t have done it. Total waste of money in the prem and his lack of availability then helped to keep weasel in the team.
  10. AFCBade

    Sam Surridge

    Keeper was inspired for sure but top champ striker scores all four.
  11. AFCBade

    Empty Seats

    Happily give back my ST seat ticket if can’t get to games or my wife’s ticket (she isn’t very well at present). Just need a simple process that doesn’t involve a lot of hassle. Not that bothered about getting money back given I paid for the ST up front. I don’t think it’s right to penalise ST...
  12. AFCBade

    Sam Surridge

    Sky results programme said it wasn’t a pen and in effect said surridge was a cheating Surridge missed four great chances tonight as Stoke dropped points
  13. AFCBade

    Sam Surridge

    Really shocking by Sam.
  14. AFCBade

    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

    Quite funny after solanke scored was a rendition of happy birthday from the north stand. Brought a smile and thumbs up from Dom. couldn’t believe it when qpr sang Cahill was Terry’s bitch, thought that was OTT. favourite chant in recent times was afcb fans at Rotherham, a reserve xi winning...
  15. AFCBade

    Leif Davis

    no doubt zemura will get a suspension at some point - he is a human wrecking ball when he goes in for tackles - not that I am complaining!
  16. AFCBade

    Ben Pearson

    Fair shout to be fair!
  17. AFCBade

    Ben Pearson

    Nice and early decision by Parker
  18. AFCBade

    That prat Stroud

    I didn’t like the attitude of some of the qpr players. When in Rome…
  19. AFCBade

    My dad…

    …plus daughters!
  20. AFCBade

    Jordan Zemura

    Impressive stats. I was worried how much space the substitute (adomah) got on the left -seemed to overload JZ. Personally would have given Anthony mom for one goal and one assist.