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  1. northstandmark

    Oh Dom

    Scores two great goals. Misses the easiest chance of the lot to make it 3-0. Typical Dom. Not all his fault though, we need more firepower up there to help him. Once Blackpool sussed us out we had nothing to change it.
  2. northstandmark

    Tiger Woods

    Involved in a "serious" single car collision, had to be cut out of the wreck and has sustained "multiple leg injuries".
  3. northstandmark

    Referee Darren Drysdale

    Ipswich v Northampton in League One tonight (0-0) The ref squares up to the players!
  4. northstandmark

    Wolves fall foul of FFP

    UFEA have fined Wolves 200k potentially rising to 600k, and imposed a restriction on their European squad size from 25 to 23. In qualifying for Europe they fall foul of UFEA's FFP due to losses over the past 3 years. This is a different set of goalposts to the various other FFP rules around the...
  5. northstandmark

    Neil Moss sent off

    Didn't know this - did anyone see it? Moss was sent off by Mike Dean in attempting to show him a replay of Smith's 'handball' on a tablet. Thinking it odd that Dean wasn't using the pitchside monitor. Dean was having none of it, red card and Moss spent the rest of the game in the away end.
  6. northstandmark

    Putting the controversy aside for a moment

    Can we not forget to ask questions as to how we injured Ake and Lerma, our two best players, despite them not playing any football for 2-3 weeks. Players absolutely crucial for a physical game like today. We can't control referee decisions, but we can control our training and conditioning routines.
  7. northstandmark

    Wolves away - tickets on sale

    Just a heads up if you didn't already know - the club have put tickets for Wolves away on sale this morning, with the match scheduled for 21/03/20 at 1500. This fixture is far from certain however, due to Wolves' participation in the Europa League. If they make it through their 2 legged tie...
  8. northstandmark

    Anthony Taylor

    Is a disgrace. We really were playing 10 v 12. Even then, Villa had very little to offer.
  9. northstandmark

    Under 18s v Pompey

    Our u18s playing Portsmouth currently, and they enjoy a small lead. We're 7-0 up. At half time.
  10. northstandmark

    Team for Luton?

    The ruthless nature of football (especially at this time of year) brings about our annual dilemma over what to do for the FA Cup 3rd round. Coming hot off the back of the insane festive schedule, and this year with more injuries than we've ever known. So, assuming no miraculous returns to...
  11. northstandmark

    Non - New Zealand volcano

    Away from the frustrating Cherries news, and white noise of last minute electioneering - this event is absolutely horrific. At first it sounds like something out of a Hollywood disaster movie, Pierce Brosnan running down a volcano in Dante's Peak or something. All very dramatic and interesting...
  12. northstandmark

    Non - A literal witch hunt?

    How peculiar! Halloween was last month!
  13. northstandmark

    England bust-up

    Reports this morning that an argument and physical altercation occurred in the England camp between Raheem Sterling (Man City) and Joe Gomez (Liverpool). It's said Sterling grabbed Gomez by the neck as soon as they saw each other at St Georges Park. Sterling was sent home and has been dropped...
  14. northstandmark

    Police using facial recognition cameras

    Not uncommon to see Police officers pointing cameras on us in away ends around the country (trying badly to hide doing so). AFAIK in an effort to gather evidence in the event that something kicks off. Obviously being us, it never does, but I suppose they use the same procedure for every match...
  15. northstandmark

    Poor game and performance

    Wasted the first half doing nothing. Injected a bit of urgency second half, but mustered a total of 1 shot at goal against the league's worst defence. Could have lost it at the end. Poor. Very poor.
  16. northstandmark

    Derby drink-driving

    Two Derby players Tom Lawrence and Mason Bennett arrested after crashing their cars Tuesday night, both found to be over the limit. Richard Keogh was in the back of Lawrence's car, which hit a lamppost. Keogh suffered a 'serious' knee injury in the crash, that will rule him out for the rest of...
  17. northstandmark

    The best bench we've ever had?

    That was one comment pre match. Except we watched the side on pitch struggle for long periods and never used that bench until stoppage time. Poor Eddie. Very poor.
  18. northstandmark

    Kids and tourists

    No not the squad! Large proportion of kids there tonight clapping their clappers and all that jazz. Practically all second half atmosphere came from high pitched children. Also tourist types, not entirely looking sure about what on earth was going on. Makes you wonder how many we could cram in...
  19. northstandmark

    ST holders going to these friendlies?

    Have any of you had a paper ticket through the post, or are you expecting entry to be loaded onto your new ST card? I've had nothing through the post, so assumed my card will work, from memory this may have been the case in previous years since the new entry system? However I note my order...
  20. northstandmark

    Jay Rodriguez

    Today's link: Previous stint with Eddie at Burnley, also played with them up the road for a few years so will know the area. Would be an upgrade on Mousset perhaps, as...