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  1. GaryRB

    Attendance Competition 2021-22

    Well here it is, 17 months after competition for 19-20was suspended mid season , the Attendance Competition is back The prizes continue to motivate and enthral, probably another voucher for the Club Shop so you can buy a heavily discounted 3rd shirt in the clear out sale that we only wore once...
  2. GaryRB

    Attendance Competition - Apologies

    With mindset that the season starts next week (I'm nonplussed about the cup game tomorrow), I completely forgot about the Attendance Competition In fairness to those who dont live and breathe by this site, and who may not visit it every day, its now too late to open and take entries for...
  3. GaryRB

    Non - Question of Sport

    It was announced a while ago Sue, Tuffers and Matt were leaving the institution that is QoS BBC release today that Paddy McGuinness is taking over the hot seat. is it a case of releasing bad news at a time when all sports fans are in a good mood?
  4. GaryRB

    Non-Andy Murray

    Quite a match going on
  5. GaryRB

    Non - Le Tour 2021

    A few followers on here most years What a crazy day 2 major crashes, the first caused by a fan too busy trying to get her banner on tv rather than watch the race approaching. 2nd just a racing incident, but close enough to the finish to cause big splits and put a couple of big GC riders in...
  6. GaryRB

    Play Off final move to accomodate CL Final?

    Its a possibility if Uefa agree to move their Final away from a travel red list country and host it in the country of the 2 competing teams. Both scheduled for 29 May, Wembley might be the logical choice unless a club steps up and their ground is approved for CL Final No date seen as yet when...
  7. GaryRB

    Non - Bristol protests

    What the F is wrong with people...
  8. GaryRB

    Non - brilliant 'simulation'?

    It was so well disguised, you'd never notice if it wasn't pointed out
  9. GaryRB

    Non(ish) - Dad Joke

    The 'ish' being its relation to the clubs choice of song Neil Diamond makes the same healthy smoothie every morning... Swede, carrots, lime...
  10. GaryRB

    Non - Paolo Rossi

    Only 64 What a world cup, what a game v Brazil
  11. GaryRB

    Eric Monster Monster Hall

    One of the first well known agents, certainly a character with behaviours that most people dislike about football agents. The players loved him I'm sure
  12. GaryRB

    Brian ODonnell

    Played a few games in 81/82 season. If honest I dont recall anything about him at all, but always sad to hear ex players pass, especially when relatively young
  13. GaryRB

    Non - Frank Bough

    Many on here would have seen him on a weekly basis hosting Grandstand, whilst watching the teleprinter for afcb scores Was a huge story when his preference for wearing ladies underwear hit the papers, but for many years he was a stalwart of BBC sport
  14. GaryRB

    Non - Foden and Greenwood

    Further examples of brainless activity (or more proof young men's brains are in their shorts)?
  15. GaryRB

    So who's going to knock him out?

    By him I mean whoever is in the opposition technical area obviously Would be behaviour unbecoming of a manager (Pearson excepted) so thats another chant gone....
  16. GaryRB

    Attendance Competition - Decision and Winner

    As you'd probably have guessed, Attendance Competition cannot run without supporters, so decision has been made not to close it with standings at the end of the Liverpool match being final position Shame for Winsor Cherry who put in a great run in the last few weeks to get within 3 points of the...
  17. GaryRB

    Harry Kane - Orient shirts

    Nice idea
  18. GaryRB

    Non - The Cat

    Great goalkeeper, passed away today
  19. GaryRB

    Non - List of tradesmen for when life returns to normal

    Thoguht occured when reading another thread((have you taken a paycut), of people stating what their jobs/skills are, and how this crap has affected them I recall years ago, probably on RnB, there was a thread for people to state their skill/trade, plan being it might bring a bit of work if...
  20. GaryRB

    Non - Flybe and Logan Air

    I say Non, there may be some who use Flybe for Newcastle away so there is a minor link. Logan Air as seen on the news have taken over some of those routes, including Southamton to Newcastle We're fortunate, Mrs B flying to Edinburgh in July, she is now booked in Logan Air , £110 return. If we...