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  1. tednphil

    Dyche on Diving

    Does he not realise that Ashley Barnes is as guilty as all the other alleged "divers"
  2. tednphil

    October TV Schedules

    It seems we are not on TV at all in October our away fixture at Arsenal is moved to Sunday 6th October, but time TBC :- Saturday October 5 12:30 Brighton v Spurs (BT Sport) 17:30 West Ham v Crystal Palace (Sky Sports) Sunday October 6 14:00 Southampton v Chelsea (Sky Sports) TBC Arsenal v...
  3. tednphil

    Non - Fabian Delph

    Everton have signed Fabian Delph for around £10m. Would have been a very good signing for us.
  4. tednphil

    Equal Pay for Ladies Tennis!

    The first Ladies semi final lasted 1 hour 13 mins. The second semi final was over in even less time. It will be interesting to see how long the men's semi's will last tomorrow, because the 4 semi final winners will all receive the same payment and each loser will also receive the same as the...
  5. tednphil

    RIP John McCririck.

    An eccentric, but 'marmite character who certainly changed the presenting of live TV horse racing.
  6. tednphil

    For Which Club will the Following be Playing Next Season?

    Arter Mings Wilson Ake I say: West Ham Villa Bmth Bmth
  7. tednphil

    What Will Clubs do During Winter Break?

    After the weekend before the break, will Clubs give their players a week off and say 'Don’t come back til Monday week. Just keep yourself fit whilst on hols', or will they take the team away to a Sunshine training camp? I know it’s a matter of choice for each manager, but personally, I feel a...
  8. tednphil

    So It’s Sheffield Utd. Home

    Then Villa away. next home game v Man City
  9. tednphil

    AlGard's Relegation Game?

    Did we ever get the results of that?
  10. tednphil

    The £4m Match v Palace

    If we win, we finish 12th. If we lose and Newcastle win at Fulham, we finish 14th. A difference of about £4m in prize money!
  11. tednphil

    Has Pawson Ever Had a Good Game?

    It’s hard to complain about another Top 6 biased ref, when he correctly sends off 2 players, but, this must rank as one of his worst ever performance reffing us.
  12. tednphil

    Boruc Made All the Difference.

    The team looked so more confident with Artur in goal. The defenders knew they would not receive a hospital ball from a bewildered Begovic.
  13. tednphil

    Will Eddie Bring Back Boruc at Brighton?

    He should do, but something tells me he will keep faith with Asmir. I hope I’m wrong though, but I think there is more too it than has been made public!
  14. tednphil

    Everton Aren’t on the Beach

    They’ve just beaten Arsenal 1-0.
  15. tednphil

    Mike Dean Reaches 100 Reds

    Glad to say it was Ashley Young who deservedly received the honour.
  16. tednphil

    Eddie - Why Oh Why Was Boruc Dropped?

    I was never a real fan of Boruc during his first regular spell in the first team, but since his return this season, the defence has looked far more at ease and relaxed, with the big Pole behind them. For that reason alone, I would definitely have kept Boruc in goal and as far as I could see...
  17. tednphil

    Dubai 'Holiday' Flops Again.

    Have we ever won or even drawn our first fixture after the clubs frequent jaunts to Dubai?
  18. tednphil

    Simon Francis on Soccer Saturday

    He’s one of the pundits on this afternoon's show. It seems likeable Bournemouth players are now in demand for TV appearances.
  19. tednphil

    Asmir on Soccer AM.

    He’s on the AM couch now
  20. tednphil

    King and Walker.

    Walker trips King. Ref has yellow out to show to Walker. Then both players do handbag pushing. Ref correctly shows yellow to King and then Walker, but surely Walker should have been shown 2 yellows, one for trip and one for pushing.