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    Last Game in a Bournemouth Shirt

    Kelly? Danjuma? Brooks? Lerma? Begovic? Smith? Billing? Could see a completely different team next season.
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    Entertaining game. Jason got us back in it. Well done Solanke.
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    All that matter.
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    Kung Flu

    Let's at least remember Donald Trumps most pivotal moments as President. What was your finest memory. For was Kung Flu.
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    Bidens Administration

    BBC are reporting on, 'people of colour' being involved in the President Elects office if administration. I thought someone got asked to resign from Footballs own self appointed administration for the same thing? Is this allowed?
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    For me it's those cnuts who pretend they have highlights of the last game and he's played it on FIFA CORONAVIRUS OPS, and posted his results. Hands up if it's happened to you.
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    Sacked by March?

    That looks like a conservative estimate.
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    Tindall my multi

    Ah forget it. Useless cnut.
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    Chris and Willo

    Got to say they do make a shyte game a bit more bearable. Paid for the game, but no visuals in the second half just commentary. They do a bloody good job.
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    Just lost a fckin wedge on your **************** tactics. Please explain. 3 at the back for fcks sake.
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    Betting today

    We chuck the odd accumulator on but I've signed up for a rubbish betting sit who does win only. So let's look outside the square and put an obscure bet up with the odds. Bournemouth win, Rico to score and one sending off.
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    Birds in spring.

    Beautiful sound.
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    How did we not win that?

    Answers on a postcard please.
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    Cardiff.....the Verdict

    Just wanted to get in before AL But Smith's done his knee.
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    Cherry Chimes website

    Have a look now and again and don't mind the content that he posts. Clearly a good loyal fan. Website could do with a bit more. Do you visit it?
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    Serious Poll

    Would love some beef dack. I'm doing a Masters Thesis on Human Pscychlogy with Dlyexsia and Sports Science with a Major in Tomfoolery, It's Government funded, and the sky is the limit for me.
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    Completely new squad

    Tindall has exceeded my expectations with regards to results so far. But with that statement, I'll have three of what he's on.
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    Getting up in the middle of the night.

    Used to do it religiously. But now, given the price and no new signings I haven't felt compelled to do so. Nothing to do with the league really or the actual cost. But we've been relegated, haven't signed one player and seem not to have any new ideas at all. I mean look at the fan thing...
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    You too could have played football.

    Look how agricultural football used to be. ..and that was us looking good im 86/87