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    Non - Cheap Hotels/B and Bs

    Hi everybody, as most of you probably know I spend virtually all of my time looking after the "Good Lady". We have funding so 3 or 4 of times a year she can go into a nursing for respite and I get a break from the usual routine. Unfortunately it's been getting increasingly difficult to find a...
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    Peter Barry, retired.

    Just seen on Facebook, he retired today after 18 years with the club. Not sure how many roles he had with the club but whenever we saw him around, he always had a cheerful disposition and cheerful smile. Always a recognisable face about Dean Court, hope he has a long and happy retirement : )
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    Burnley Parking !

    I called Burnley F.C. yesterday to book a Disabled Parking Space at Turf Moor. At the 3rd attempt I spoke to their person responsible for allocation. She started the conversation with "Don't shoot the messenger" then informed me it's 20 quid a space. We went last season, I think there was no...
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    Rob Trent

    Just had a phone call from Rob, letting me know he won't be there tomorrow or able to make the Liverpool match. Unfortunately he misjudged a kerb, drove his chair over it, only to find out it wasn't a dropped kerb. The upshot was , the wheelchair ended up on top of him and he's got a broken leg...
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    Trains on Saturday?

    Does anyone know if Virgin Cross Country are on strike for the great trek up north on Saturday? If so, what is the best way of contacting them ( without spending an hour on hold, listening to some drip, dripping on about his girlfriend, there must be better "music" out there) We need to know...
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    2 Toon Tables

    Some thoughts and musings on our Big Day Out. Friday was spent in preparation for the trip, early to bed and up at 3 am, in Bournemouth train station at 6-00, departed 6-25. Arrived in Newcastle about 12-45. We left St. James' Park early to catch the 5-32 train. 2 changes but 1 delay...
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    Merry Cherry Christmas Pun-ch

    First things first, absolutely, totally, brilliant Christmas to all of the Vitals posters. , Some I agree with, some I disagree with, most of alll, I love supporting a club with people and nutters like you, passionate about the Cherries. Second: puns; we've had, happy 'Ueltide, Ake Christmas...
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    West Shambles - A disabled fans viewpoint.

    Yes, another thread about yesterday's match. We left Kings Park on the Disabled Transport Minibus with 2 other wheelchair users and their carers at 9-45 am, stopped at Fleet services about 11-00 for 30 minutes. Had our first sighting of the Olympic stadium approx. 1-30. So far, so very good : )...