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    I blame Ibe

    As soon as we started signing so called top players 40/50/K a week all turning up with there Lambos and Bentleys it must of had an effect on our main core of champs/heros they worked so hard to win the Championship on less than half of these big time Charlies pulling up in the carpark does...
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    Now wheres that bed wetters thread.??

    Deluded the lot of you JT has not got it as a manager never has imo ive said before the players probably have never heard of him you need instant respect the games moved on id be poaching Neil Warnock to steady the ship for the season or we could end up in danger of going down.... "mum ive wet...
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    Charlie Austin

    Looks finished to me uninterested didnt celebrate when team mates scored looks over weight to. so would you have him at AFCB?
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    I think people are mad if they actually think were going back up.
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    Fire sale

    Are we all going to ignore the obvious?
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    Hes back.