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  1. AFCBade

    Non palace fans dislike of Watford still strong

    Amused by this story of Crystal Palace fans’ anger at the arrangement of a pre season friendly with Watford. The same Watford that moan about us
  2. AFCBade

    Points needed

    Yeah I know, maybe too early and hard to tell between different years, but given we have some impressive stattos on the forum, worth asking what’s the points total we need to go into the playoffs. back in 2014/15 it needed 78 but last year was a lowly 70. Prior two seasons was in between the...
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    Celebrating Shane long’s goals

    Is it just me or does anyone find it odd that no one seems to celebrate Shane Long’s goals? Think got an acknowledgment from billing Saturday but yesterday just ran to back to half way line with an absence of proximity to Afcb players more akin to marking at Cardiff’s corners. Maybe it’s a new...
  4. AFCBade

    Rico or Kelly?

    If we persist with a 3 man central defence with two wing backs, then JT has an interesting selection challenge when/if everyone is fit. Personally, I think Rico has strengthened that three man back line since Kelly was injured. Kelly is a class act but Rico looks stronger in that slot. We...
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    Anyone got an old blue/yellow half away shirt?

    Bit of a long shot, but my daughter had been trying to buy an old away shirt from the 90s - navy blue and yellow half with yellow bus sponsor on the front. Think about c 96/97 - as modelled by Steve cook in the retro kit covers this season. she is a small-medium ladies size so looking for...
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    Just added 3 Watford tickets to Twickets

    Just added 3 tickets for Watford for tomorrow to Twickets web site. Struggling with a knee true afcb fashion.
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    I thought we were certainties for relegation....deja vu

    2012/13: I thought when we lost 1-0 at Coventry in 2012 we were doomed....until Eddie got us promoted 2013/14: I thought we were going down from the champ when we were shocking at qpr in 2013 but Eddie sorted it out (where are you now Charlie Austin?!) 2015/16:I can remember feeling when we...
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    Crystal Palace away tickets

    Keen to get a decent view in that awful Arthur Waite stand but puzzled at the availability just after 9am start of booking. I know the club limit blocks available blocks to start with but looks like palace tickets are being sold in a half block vertically so left hand side nearest goal line is...
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    Non-ish Man City fouling

    Wouldn’t wish injuries on any player, but Laporte got what he deserved today by getting injured after another cynical foul that aimed to thwart a breakaway. Time that refs wised up and took some action against a brilliant but cynical side. Got away with it against us too often.
  10. AFCBade

    Coca Cola prem league ad

    Anyone seen the Coca Cola “where everyone plays ad” promoting the premier league clubs and their fans? Really fun ad but I am totally bemused by the bournemouth element - with a lone miserable looking fan in old kit. Plenty of Southampton clips - is it made by a jealous scummer?
  11. AFCBade

    Programmes this season....

    Looks like the front of the programme this season maybe retro kits judging by Callum wearing the old red and white arrows shirt on the sheff Utd issue. Big thumbs up to club shop for reintroducing programme binders after a few years although think you need to spend £45 to house all home...
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    Spur road

    Any Bournemouth based posters able to confirm if all is back to normal on the spur road now?
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    Girona friendly - programme request

    I am a collector of AFCB programmes (I will spare the details but I have a lot and, yes, i am sure it’s a medical condition!) so wanted to get any programme or team sheet from the Girona friendly in Barcelona in a week’s time. Wanted to go but flights too expensive now. Anyone going to the...
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    How many saying goodbye?

    Will be interesting to see how many afcb players say goodbye to the vitality tomorrow as they do the post match end of season lap of honour?
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    Best bit of yesterday’s game - boruc

    Besides the sun and some decent skill at times in creating quite a few clear chances, my favourite bit of a disappointing game was Arthur boruc’s reaction to going 0-1 down. Gave a supportive pat on the back to Simpson, geeing him rather critical, and then delivering an absolute rocket to...
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    Anyone lucky in the minus 17 ballot?

    I was unsuccessful. Anyone get a place?
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    Sign of the times...

    Quite an achievement to see England issue their programmes for the current round of international games for senior and u21 sides with current Afcb players being the subject of the main photos on the front: Wilson and Solanke respectively. Another sign of how far we have come.
  18. AFCBade

    non Leeds tonight

    This won’t be a popular thread but much to admire about Leeds tonight - full of pace, running and intensity. Blew away a decent West Brom side 4-0. Still think Jansson and Alioski would be decent players for us...if Leeds don’t make it.
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    Get in to them...

    I thought Andy Carroll should have been sent off yesterday and was surprise motd didn’t show the challenges. Once again the referee was lenient letting go a number of very physical challenges without a card. This makes it three games in a row that teams seemed to have deliberately tried to...
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    Pre match press conferences

    Don’t watch all the features on COWS (which is now a very good website imho) but always make a point of watching the footage of eddie’s Pre match press conferences to see how Eddie is. Going to be a tough watch though if mark macadam tries to tease out views from Eddie re the January transfer...