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    Chris Hughton

    Wrong ,JT and Eddie all ok.purchy moss weather's all.on board
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    AFC Bournemouth v Queens Park Rangers

    Good win and room to be better.felt Christie was off the pace but will get we all.know the championship is relentless and getting results like tonight are vital
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    Freddie Woodman

    surely we give travers the chance now to establish himself just like zemura and Anthony
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    Barnsley - The verdict.

    Good win after the international break.,whatever about Barnsley we did our job and now we move on to QPR.
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    AFC Bournemouth v Barnsley

    Was kilkenny injured or just left out of the squad for today.?
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    Well Done AFCB Recruitment !

    5.5 from surrudge 're invested on 2 players and danjuma money in the bank.looks good on.paper but how Lowe and Christie perform.will determine if this window was a success
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    Tindall/Parker Dejavu

    Shouldn't be but seems that the case
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    Tindall/Parker Dejavu

    JT was money to spend .up to now we have sold danjuma and surrudge for money and only brought in marcondes for money.surplus is there but owner wants to sell and it looks like loans will be the best we can.hope for
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    Eddie To Arsenal?

    Most likely forest could come knocking after tonite
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    Birmingham City v AFC Bournemouth

    Well.done to all tonite team seems to have .some backbone and fight
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    Birmingham City v AFC Bournemouth

    No one is coping with WBA long throws and corners. Sheff utd keeper was all at sea
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    Surely Travers stays as number 1 and if he doesn't work out nyland goes in.
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    Freddie Woodman

    true,but also Parker may think travers can be number 1 and is giving him the game time to.prove it.for all we know this woodman link might just be isles paper talk.
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    Freddie Woodman

    How is it silly,Parker has had pre season and up to now to bring another keeper in.I know we don't have money to spend but surely the chief scout would have more than Wildman to present as a alternative
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    Freddie Woodman

    Well Parker for the moment has faith and I hope he keeps it.
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    Freddie Woodman

    Megan for example messed up many times last year and who knows we might be in the premier except for his fully dallying v brentford.he played well yesterday and most are glad he is in the team.yet a young keeper doesn't get the same time from some of the fans ion here.kiljenny lost a ballin...
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    Freddie Woodman

    Not for the 1st time we will disagree and probably won't be the last.WBA 2 goals v Luton yesterday were from a corner and a long throw maybe Luton also should change their keeper.
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    Freddie Woodman

    Why can't we show faith in travers like the other youngsters.dont think he has cost us and has the making of a very good keeper.
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    Youth set up

    Hard to play youth when you have the pressure of staying up In the premier league.however to be fair to Eddie and JT they did lnvest
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    Nottingham Forest v AFC Bournemouth

    thanks,good day all round