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    AFCB Podcast - Matt Wells

    Just listening to the AFCB podcast interviewing Matt Wells. He sounds like a very intelligent guy. Also gives an interesting insight into Scott Parker and the rest of the team they have brought to join us. I must admit, it all sounds very well thought through and very professional. If you're...
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    U18s Training - sounds good to me

    Interesting article on COWS. I like the sound of this type of training. The U18s saying how exhausting it was but for the sake of your teammates you couldn't give up, you had to keep pushing. This sounds like the sort of thing the...
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    AFCB Women promoted to National League

    Good news for the AFCB women's team as they are awarded promotion to the National League. It seems like it was decided by some panel or something because the past two seasons were so heavily disrupted. But now they've been judged worthy of a place in the National League so well done to them and...
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    U21 Hampshire Cup Final

    According to COWS, tonight's U21 Hampshire Cup final can be streamed via the Hampshire FA's YouTube channel, for those interested. Kickoff is at 19:15 and a link to the YouTube stream is in the COWS article which can be found here : COWS - Details of Hampshire Cup final here Good luck lads...
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    More Silverware....

    Central League Cup for the U21s. Well done lads ! COWS - U21s win cup final
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    Oh dear...

    “Sam Sherring came off the bench to cancel out Buendia’s goal before Danjuma and Lloyd Kelly both netted from 25 yards to condemn the Canaries to a first home defeat since the start of October.” From the COWS feature ‘A Magnificent Seven’ which can be found here : Woodgate’s Magnificent Seven...
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    I'm worried that JW is going to drive the team to St. Mary's for tomorrow's game. I've just watched his pre-match video on COWS and he twice referred to "going there" to get a result ( or similar ). Do Saints get a bye if they turn up at DC and nobody is there to play them ? :help:
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    Transfer Window - The Verdict

    So how do we all feel about this transfer window now that it's done and dusted ? Btw. the title of this thread is dedicated to our ailing Al Gard. I hope he doesn't mind me misappropriating "The Verdict" here and I send him my best wishes for the most positive of outcomes ! But I'm interested...
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    Joe Roach - Moving article on COWS

    I never knew that he had this tragedy to deal with. So glad we convinced him to stay ! Joe Roach - dealing with grief ( COWS )
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    AFCB Kit Sale

    Just bought that sexy third kit shirt from the COWS online shop for £25. If anybody else is looking for a bargain, get on it now before your size is sold out. Just a heads up for anybody who wasn't aware ! :utc: tonight !
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    Mepham, Stacey, Lewis Cook...

    .....hard as nails !!! No gloves on during cold training ( see training gallery on COWS ;) ). :clap:
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    Well it took nearly 52 years but I finally won something !!!

    I won the International Newsletter subscribers' competition at the beginning of the month and my prize arrived today ! I didn't mention it earlier because I didn't want to jinx it :p I am now the proud owner of an AFCB football with lots of squiggles on it ! :party: Big props to the crew at...
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    Physio Stuart Douglas

    COWS has posted a video interview with our new physio Stuart Douglas. The video can be found here : AFCB's new physio interview As interesting as the interview is, the sight of two players attempting and failing to gain access to the training pavilion is somehow mesmerising. They are clearly...
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    Come on the Shrews !!!

    This can be our thread for following the fortunes of Chaz and Puuuuuugh. ( assuming that as ex-players COWS will not be supplying us with updates on how they’re doing ) If you have any news on these two legends’ latest exploits with Shrewsbury, post them here !
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    Surridge gets England U21 call up

    Well done Sam, just don't get injured ! COWS confirmation
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    Great deals to be had ! AFCB Fire Sale here
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    Major expansion at AFCB this a statement of intent from Max ? We now no longer have just one club for Junior Cherries but THREE !!! ;):fish: Revamp of Junior Cherries
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    At last, something worth watching........

    Our first PL win against West Ham to be streamed on AFCBTV at 7pm Unfortunately streaming and not VOD at the moment, so you'll need to tune it at 7pm UK time to see it. It will be nice to watch some football again and I have a feeling we could nick a result ;)
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    Some good news...

    ...looks like Charlie Daniels is well along the road to recovery, chuffed for him (y) Full COWS story here : Charlie Daniels rehab ( COWS )
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    Message to Eddie

    Enjoy tonight, really enjoy tonight, you deserve it after all you’ve had to endure recently. Then come back and ensure that the players keep this mentality and confidence until the end of the season. If we play with freedom and without fear we will be fine. In you we trust ! :utc: