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    Engl and and and Pol

    Apparently there is a game tonight
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    Leeds vs Southampton

    Is it possible for both teams to lose? ;D
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    AFCB Superstore

    FYI, for all you skinflints out there (includes me), the 2020/2021 kits are 50% off. I bought all three, and they appeared to have most sizes available. There is a bunch of training gear on sale, and some odds and sods. Fill yer boots.
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    Rantie, 4

    FYI, this is interesting. Will download and have a listen. Between the Lines podcast is in the same stable as the football ramble podcast if anyone already subscribes to that one.
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    Non - Tuesday Club Arsenal Podcast

    If you don't subscribe it is worth a listen, especially given Arsenal are not seeing the best of times. The most recent podcast is giving Eddie Howe and Bournemouth a lot of praise - I am guessing they didn't see much of us last season. Eddie in the top five to replace Arteta - if he was to...
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    England vs Denmark

    Everyone ready? Should we clap it up before kick off?
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    Tonights matches

    So the premier league have already given us a moral dilemma. We obviously want Norwich to lose, but do we want them up the road to win? A draw with a bunch of red cards would be ok I guess
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    How we play

    What are the thoughts on how we will play? Usually after a break we come back playing a slightly different version of how we played in the previous season. A couple of things. Without crowd pressure are we likely to see an even more countr attacking team? Will we go back to the cavalier two...
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    Leicester vs AFC Bournemouth (LIVE) Starts in 15
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    BHA vs AFCB

    Waiting on the line ups. I hope that, after his two goals, Billing recovers from his virtual calf strain. Lys Mousset will be in action for Sheff U shortly
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    Bournemouth vs Southampton - LIVE

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    Special COVID-19 Savings!!

    Kits and training gear now 70% off. Get it while it's hot!! With a quarter of the games still left to play, it's a no brainer
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    Come on boys

    Beat the scum
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    Can’t wait

    New season. Renewed hope. Eddie is king. Let’s do this. Keeper spot a question, who’s going to be full back, any new signings to start, captain? 3-0 to the Cherries and top of the league after villa. Up the Cherries
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    Tennis Tweet

    Look at us being mentioned
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    Summer Tour 2019

    It’s time to announce the AFCB tour to the US.
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    Next Three Games

    I demand 9 points from the next 3 games, and if we don't get 9 points I will renounce my support. I will start to follow Burton Albion. Well maybe not but...
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    Our defence

    Another clean sheet on Saturday got me thinking. Has our defence improved? Obviously our goals against does not look good but I think goals from defensive mistakes is definitely less. As for clean sheets we are currently on 8 which is our second best tally for the season in the Prem (10 is our...
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    Gone Fishing

    Probably already been posted as this episode was first broadcast back in July, but Mortimer and Whitehouse "Gone Fishing" episode 5 is in Christchurch - on iplayer. Beautiful scenery. Missing my hometown :(
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    Non - Poole Pirates

    Anyone watching on BT Sports 1?