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  1. Rodmorg

    To rub salt in the wound

    Everton struggled to win against 'uddersfield despite fielding a strong team
  2. Rodmorg

    Non: Klopp on Burnley

    Where have we seen this before?
  3. Rodmorg

    daerhT reganaM weN

    ?etagdooW nathanoJ
  4. Rodmorg

    Non - Nul Points

    We got 0 points from both the jury and televoters. The last time we got 0 was back in 2003. Probably time to pull out of Eurovision... a waste of money, despite having a relatively good song
  5. Rodmorg

    Simon Francis

    Has he hung up his boots? I can't find anywhere that shows he has, although I imagine he has retired. Same goes for Pugh
  6. Rodmorg

    Non - Meyrick Park

    Went there a few years ago, I'm sure there used to be public toilets? Quite concerning considering a member of my family has diabetes. Unless there are some and we missed them.
  7. Rodmorg

    Full 90s on COWS

    Hi Everyone, I was once able to access most (if not, all) the full 90's videos for the 15/16 season, and there were a few more from a few seasons back. Can't find them anymore. Have they been removed for any particular reason? Cheers
  8. Rodmorg

    Non - Messi

    I know the media throws up an article stating he wants to leave every summer but it does seem he has a desire to leave now...
  9. Rodmorg

    Too Little Too Late

    Is a somewhat suitable summary of our season. I'm as gutted as I am disappointed.
  10. Rodmorg

    Non - Lee Johnson

    Just been sacked by the Robins after recently signing a new contract... I think we should look at him if Eddie was to ever go...
  11. Rodmorg

    That Was Not a 3-0 Game

    Both goals should have been allowed; the ball hit the shoulder of Billing and Mike Dean waved off Adam Smith's handball. If the goal by Wilson had not been scored, there would not have been a penalty. Simple as. Both events blew away the players' confidence, especially when Burnley scored their...
  12. Rodmorg

    Match Report and MotM vs Brighton

    Brighton Bombed by Bournemouth Blitz That’s something that we have needed for a long time. The long-awaited victory finally came, and to sweeten it, it was against Brighton. The display was far from what we’ve seen recently; the lads gave everything. It was as if a new manager had taken charge...
  13. Rodmorg

    Time to Reminisce

    When, not long ago, we showed spirit, desire and, probably the most important, the mentality of "never give up" Enjoy
  14. Rodmorg

    Non - Bournemouth University Apparently a man in a fitness vest was mistaken for a suicide bomber. Also had initial rumours of a man being stabbed. Was there when it was on lockdown.
  15. Rodmorg

    Match Report and MOM vs Luton Town

    Hats off to Cherries against Hatters The FA Cup is certainly a competition that hasn’t been nice to watch recently. Considering we’ve lost in the third round to League 1 Millwall and Wigan in the previous years, seeing Luton at home may have meant no fourth round spot again. But Eddie had...
  16. Rodmorg


    Criticism of him has been too harsh since he's returned... Put in 100% last week and did so again this week despite the loss. Well done skipper :clap:
  17. Rodmorg

    Match Report: Chelsea vs Bournemouth

    Bogey-team Bournemouth Blush Blues Again: 3 wins in 5 games at Stamford Bridge. That’s a statistic that you would usually hear for games at the St Mary’s stadium, but for Chelsea, and it has become quite unusual. We are certainly the bogey team of The Blues; 0-1 in 2015 and a stunning 0-3 in...
  18. Rodmorg

    For those criticising Eddie

    He brought us up in 14/15 and kept us up despite being favourites to go down and we're still here. Eddie's done wonders for us no doubt. Judge him at the end of the season not halfway through
  19. Rodmorg

    Non - Football Manager 2020

    Beta released last night and seems quite good, better than last year's title. Anyone tried it?
  20. Rodmorg

    Match Report and MOTM vs Southampton

    Not so Merry for the Saints at St Mary’s Southampton had never lost to Bournemouth at home in the Premier League before, but an impressive first half and diabolical defending by the Saints allowed the Cherries to snatch 3 points from the St. Mary’s, but not all was merry as complacency took...