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  1. cherrycarl2004

    Anyone got a stream?

    For the saints game. Would really appreciate it
  2. cherrycarl2004

    RIP Marvelous Marvin Hagler

    Died today aged 66, for those of you that love boxing. He was one of the very best to do it... A true warrior
  3. cherrycarl2004

    Vieira Out!

    There is a wagner one, just thought I would start a Vieira one.
  4. cherrycarl2004

    Anthony Gordon

    Good young kid from Everton. He can play on either wing.
  5. cherrycarl2004

    Scott Twine if anyone hasn't yet seen it.
  6. cherrycarl2004

    What time do we play Friday?

    Just a quick question, i have seen half and half 7.
  7. cherrycarl2004

    Jack Byrne
  8. cherrycarl2004

    Transfer Plan?

    What actually is it? At this moment in time, I don't think anyone knows, probably not even the club. So far, in this window, we have been linked with some very strange players. I just wondered if anybody knows someone who has an aunt who knows the postman of someone who is affiliated with the...
  9. cherrycarl2004

    Man City vs Bournemouth - Tactical Analysis If you are interested in this sort of thing, and fancy a tactical insight on the game.
  10. cherrycarl2004

    We really have gone international! i don't think we are tinpot anymore.
  11. cherrycarl2004

    BLM and Taking The Knee

    I just wanted to hear everybody's opinion to be honest. I personally, don't agree with the actions of the Black Lives Matter movement, some protesters are there for a good cause and reason, but it has been hijacked by criminals who are just in it for the sake of attacking a police officer or to...
  12. cherrycarl2004

    Just found this
  13. cherrycarl2004

    Anyone know how I can watch or listen to the FGR game?

    The title is my message.:):utc:
  14. cherrycarl2004

    AFCB XI vs Aston Villa

    For me there would be wholesale changes. 4-2-3-1 Boruc (although Ramsdale was good) Smith Cook Ake Daniels Lerma Billing King H.Wilson Fraser Wilson Harry wilson would pressure Grealish for me and Lerma and Billing would sit back. Their wingers could be dealt with ease by our full...
  15. cherrycarl2004

    Police horses everywhere?

    I'm seeing horses... dreaming about horses. Every time I come on this forum I see something about police horses and trouble. Wimborner... calm down, don't you have to be somewhere...(Cheltenham)
  16. cherrycarl2004

    Sing for wee man on saturday...

    Just do it... let him know that we love him...
  17. cherrycarl2004

    To all of the players who may or may not have their heads turned...

    No names being mentioned but a few of our boys look disinterested. I don't mind ambitious players who want to play at the very top level, but when you sign that dotted line and put on the mighty red and black shirt, you put 110% into everything you do. Do you really want to go to a top six club...
  18. cherrycarl2004

    Andre Dozzell

    We're supposedly looking at this lad, who is 19 and plays for Ipswich town. He is a centre midfielder that is an attack minded player. He looks a decent player and he's young, he only has been noticed yet because he got injured at the start of last season for over a year. £5m looks the price...
  19. cherrycarl2004

    Great atmosphere vs Watford

    Weren't we loud? Brilliant to get behind the boys. Especially when we were 2-0 down... it really helped us claw back to 2-2 and then 3 all and we almost got a winner, so well done, because the support and atmosphere has been questioned and criticised by some.:utc::utc: