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    That prat Stroud

    I don't think I've seen a more biased inept performance from an official for many many a year. Was he trying to play centre stage on TV or just trying to let QPR win. Some of those free kick decisions. Wow. Hopefully he was being biased because if that was his ' normal' standard of officiating...
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    QPR ticket available if anyone needs one

    I have QPR ticket available if anyone needs one. North Stand, Row N, behind the goal, one seat from aisle. ( Good seat) Face value of £32 PM me if interested.
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    Their fans

    Hats off to their fans for their support. Proper support that. 800 of them and they didn't stop for the whole game , even at 2 down. Totally outsung our home support which was poor yesterday. Our problem is we don't have any songs. The best and loudest were Eddie songs. We now have Allez, Allez...
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    £2.5m Surridge 1 minutes played 17 £20m Solanke 0. Minutes played 90 Only one game but I'm going to watch this closely as I think strikers/ forwards should be scoring goals and not winning defensive headers or running around aimlessly lost
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    Top, middle or bottom. Where we going to finish ?

    A little over a week until it all starts so where are we going to finish? Do we have genuine promotion aspirations? Is SP the man for the job? Will our injury list affect our start to the season and leave us trailing early on? Have we recruited in enough areas to mount a serious challenge? Are...
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    £55 !!

    Cost of new home shirt.....jeez. I know ST's get 10% off but bl00dy hell that's alot. PL prices for a championship team . Children sizes £45! The clubs gone mad
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    To my mate, anyone can add to this

    After an incredibly difficult 18 months to fathom and deal with for many people, this tournament and England's success so far has brought out nation together and given joy to many. Tonight's final is for many many people a unique experience but unfortunately there are 2 of my great friends who...
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    McClaren out !!

    Just thought I'd join in.......
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    Boring boring England

    With the wealth of talent we are constantly being told we have in the England squad why is watching them so boring and tedious?
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    Ted Lasso

    No, not a new signing ! Just finished watching series 1 and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. A cross between Dream Team and The Manageress. A bit quirky but good fun to watch
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    Season ticket refunds

    Just out of interest has anyone actually received a whole refund on their ST yet? I'd forgotten about it TBH but when it popped into my head I checked my bank. So far I've had just over £200 refunded with last refund back in December. Considering I didn't ask for the £150 back at the end of...
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    Top CLASSIC sports films/ movies

    I mentioned Slapshot in a different thread and it got me thinking about my favourite classic sport bases movies. Nothing recent , movies sort of pre 1990 . Certainly in the top 5 Slapshot Rollerball The Firm ID Major League Any additions?
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    Season tickets

    Can anyone tell me if you can pay for your season ticket at the club shop or over the phone? Can't find any info on it. Many thanks.
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    Scottish football debacle

    Interesting read on BBC football regarding Rangers accusation of some naughties going in the SFA and the ending of the current season. I'm sure no one would begrudge Celtic being named champions as they were way out in the lead at the time the season was postponed, however, I am in no way a fan...
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    Merry Christmas Cherries...

    I know it's already been said by others but Merry Christmas to every man , boy , women and girl wherever you may be in the world who supporters AFC Bournemouth. You are part of a unique ( and small) club where Red n Black are your colours. I salute you all, bid you a merry Christmas and I'm off...
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    So, if Callums fit for Saturday

    Does he start or sit on the bench? After Saturdays performance I can't see how any of that 11 can be dropped.
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    Any news on Luton tickets?

    Not sure if I've missed any info but have club announced when Luton tickets go on sale for ST holders??
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    Sean Dyche - diving

    Report by Sky sports that Sean Dyche had been warned by other managers that continually complaining about players diving will damage his career! To me it is a huge blight on the game and needs dealing with. We are no saints ourselves and have a couple of players that are getting a reputation for...
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    Outside toilets

    It's it about time the club got some temporary welfare facilities by the outside bar? Against Man City because the sun was shining I just used the outside bar but after a couple of pints nature called. I was refused entry to the north stand to use their loo even though I have an ST for the north...
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    Non ISH Watford

    Just read that Watford may consider stripping ST holders if they dont inform the club that they won't be attending a match. Bit harsh isn't it? Surely if you've paid in advance for your seat it's your choice if you go or not.