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  1. cherrycarl2004

    Emiliano Marcondes

    I'm just going to leave this here. Scott Twine.
  2. cherrycarl2004

    Jordan Zemura

    Also I think he is the best natural dribbler I have seen for a long time. Glides past opponents. He isn't as bad as some think defensively either... Just needs to be a bit better in the air. So far, I have been very impressed.
  3. cherrycarl2004

    Our strongest 11…

    This is an interesting one, and the fact that we have debates for every position on the pitch is very exciting, especially given the youthful nature of the side. The debate for the Goalkeeper spot is one of development versus experience. On the face of it you wood pick Nyland, late 20's...
  4. cherrycarl2004


    Not much better than Travers...
  5. cherrycarl2004

    Youth set up

    So refreshing to see them all competing with good sides at this level. I guarantee, if you put this many youth players in the first team of anyone in our division, they would be struggling to stay up, if they could even manage a double figure points tally. For the first time since about 2018, I...
  6. cherrycarl2004

    Players To Come In For Next Season?

    Can't see it myself as he is a left footer. More likely were after Jason Kerr from St. Johnstone.
  7. cherrycarl2004

    Players To Come In For Next Season?

    The difference is Kilkenny, Cook and Pearson are number 6's. Downes is more of a Lerma replacement if anything. (Assuming he goes) He would play in place of one of the Danes. Obviously in physically demanding games like last night.
  8. cherrycarl2004

    Players To Come In For Next Season?

    Not a battler like Downes though, Gav is more classy on the ball.
  9. cherrycarl2004

    Vitals First Goal Scorer 2021/22

    Twine and Koroma
  10. cherrycarl2004

    Stream tomorrow?

    Maybe not seeing the football isn't all that bad;)
  11. cherrycarl2004

    Stream tomorrow? potential stream... Have to wait until kick off time to see if it works
  12. cherrycarl2004

    Prediction League 2021/22

    AFCB 1-2 MK DONS
  13. cherrycarl2004

    Unusual disliking of other club(s)

    Villa, West Brom, Watford, Leeds and Man utd.
  14. cherrycarl2004

    Vitals Champs & Chumps - 2021/22 Season

    I will go early. Won't win anyway. PL: Man City and Norwich CH: Fulham and Derby L1: Rotherham and Cambridge L2: Bristol Rovers and Sutton United NL: Grimsby and Dover
  15. cherrycarl2004

    Summer Training Camp - Spain

    I'm bored, what is Tindall up to these days?
  16. cherrycarl2004

    Summer Training Camp - Spain

    Anthony the only one impressing, the rest, especially Marcondes flatter to deceive.
  17. cherrycarl2004

    Players To Come In For Next Season?

    As for Scott Dann, I wouldn't touch him with a bargepole. Not because I think he is a bad player, because I have always thought he was quite talented, ever since his Birmingham City days. It is that he is an injury prone 34 year old. We may not know whether he will stand up to the relentless...
  18. cherrycarl2004

    Players To Come In For Next Season?

    Agreed, too much of a punt. Know he can produce at this level as he has before, but he has a bad injury record and probably wont start either, so spending anything over £1m would be questionable. He wouldn't be my first choice but I wouldn't be against it.