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  1. blandford_cherry

    Non - Bad driving

    Saw this, great idea. The amount of idiots on the road these days hopefully it’ll act as more of a deterrent, maybe it’ll be rolled out to more areas. I’ve noticed that as soon as you arrive in the conurbation drivers pulling out from junctions believe they have priority, not to mention parking...
  2. blandford_cherry

    Our strongest 11…

    Anyone? We could now field an entire starting 11 of players that weren’t in the squad 2 years ago. The selection headache here has to be midfield…. Is this our strongest 11 if everyone is fit? Nyland Stacey Cahill Kelly Davis Brooks Lerma Billing Rogers Solanke Lowe Leaves a bench/rest of...
  3. blandford_cherry

    Non - Afghanistan

    Thought this interview by sky news was very interesting. According to the taliban spokesman the panic to leave the county is nothing to do with them it is economic migration. Also says we must leave by August 31st even though Boris is trying to get Biden to stay after. Going to get messy isn’t...
  4. blandford_cherry

    Youth set up

    Touched on this on another thread, when was the last time we had so many exciting prospects coming through or equally gave so many youngsters so much game time? Whilst we don’t have a choice currently and if we had less injuries most of these wouldn’t even get a look in on the bench let alone...
  5. blandford_cherry

    Non - Unidentified object in sea at Boscombe

    I’m sure someone can come up with a humerous response….
  6. blandford_cherry

    West Brom ticket moan

    Alluded to this briefly in a thread last week but cannot find it. Have maximum points so literally ordered at 10am last Monday, paid the £3 postage/booking fee, website says delivery in 1-2 working days, we are now on working day number 7 if they even arrive tomorrow. Tried calling the ticket...
  7. blandford_cherry

    Leif Davis Covered on another thread but seems likely to go through….where does this leave Kelly? I’m not familiar with how Scott Parker sets up, would Kelly slot in on the left CB position next...
  8. blandford_cherry

    Time for Travers?

    Saw speculation that Parker maybe set to let Travers prove himself as no 1 as the Freddie Woodman loan fell through. What’s people’s thoughts on this? Surely we can’t leave it where our two senior keepers are Dennis and Travers but equally who will sign knowing they will be back up to a young...
  9. blandford_cherry

    Racist Abuse

    Why are these low life’s still existing? All 3 players who missed are very young, they’ll have seen the burden it had on Southgate for years and realise the magnitude of their misses. Why do people feel the need to not only abuse them but bring racism into it? Do they not think they feel bad...
  10. blandford_cherry

    Adam Smith signs new contact

    Speaking to, Smith said: "I spoke with my agent and my family about what was best for me, it was a massive decision because I’ve been here a long time. "The thing that did it for me was Scott Parker and Matt Wells who I know from Spurs, Rob Burch as well. It just shows how much the...
  11. blandford_cherry

    Non - Tokyo Olympics

    10,000 volunteers have quit 50 days before it’s due to start. Fewer than 10% of Japans population has received one dose of vaccine Japan plans to vaccinate just 17,000 of 80,000 volunteers that are needed to make the games run smoothly A fourth wave of infections is well under way. Oh dear...
  12. blandford_cherry

    Non - Bournemouth City Status?
  13. blandford_cherry

    Parker V Woodgate

    Sounds like it’s between these two, following the success of the Woodgate stay or go poll which after 200 votes was 50/50 IF it’s between these two who would you want in charge next season?
  14. blandford_cherry

    Non - Champions League Final

    What a great advert for English football. The pace of the football being played is fantastic.
  15. blandford_cherry

    Non (ish) This is more like it

    Thoroughly deserved, hasn’t had the best season with injuries. Top bloke, top player, the best this club has ever seen. well done Nathan. P.S. not much sign of your mates Ryan and Joshua this season at their respective clubs...!
  16. blandford_cherry

    He’s manager of the month

    Very well deserved!
  17. blandford_cherry

    Non - Scottish Independence

    Looks like it’s about the rear it’s ugly head again, SNP highly likely to win an overall majority this week with Sturgeon’s mandate to try and push through a 2nd independence referendum, something Boris would have to use legal action to try and stop any such vote...
  18. blandford_cherry

    Social media boycott
  19. blandford_cherry

    Who would have thought...

    We would get 21 points from: Bristol City (a) Middlesbrough (h) Blackburn (a) Coventry (h) Huddersfield (a) Norwich (a) Millwall (a) Absolutely incredible form
  20. blandford_cherry

    Prince Phillip has died