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    I swear to god

    If I have to see one more picture on IG with one of the players goofing around in training and with accompanying caption, "all smiles" beneath it, I'm going to boil my own head.
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    Non - Niki Lauda

    I know F1 splits the camp here but man, what a crazy and gutsy human being. Went from being read the last rites to finishing 4th (and covered in blood) in the Italian GP in 40 days. They literally do not make them like that anymore. RIP.
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    Nonish - Kiev

    Looooong shot but I’m in Kiev with the night off. Are any of you plonkers also here and want to watch the game at the pub?
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    Encouraged by his new contract signing. Has anyone here seen him play in person? He looks like he's built like a tank and seems to have bit of a shot on him!
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    FOR ****************'S SAKE MURRAY

    Whew. Finally.
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    Adam Smith

    My heart sank when I saw he was starting at LB vs West Ham but he's actually pretty good there! Developed a good understanding with Fraser already. I wonder if Eddie began preparing him for this eventuality when Brad Smith got his injury.
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    bench reaction

    Everyone went nuts there. Hopefully dispels any notion that morale in the camp is low and that the sense of togetherness is evaporating.
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    San Siro

    Have any of you ever been there? I'm currently sat on the very top row behind one of the goals and it is an incredible thing. Wish I could see an actual game.
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    NON - weird AFCB dreams

    What's the weirdest AFCB-related dream you've had? I have a recurring dream that I'm playing (very badly) for the team but last night I really jumped the shark: I dreamt that I got a call at 4am. It was Tyrone Mings who had recently become a father and needed help feeding his baby. So I went...
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    He's a bit of an enigma, isn't he? Based on today I wouldn't leave him out of the side but his composure in front of goal is, erm, a tad underwhelming. Everything else he does has improved quite a lot. I feel like his support work is starting to make an impact, he makes great runs, and his...
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    How much is Aké worth?

    I would LOVE IT if we bought him.
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    I was unable to watch the game but caught the highlights on MOTD. I DO NOT LIKE THIS NEW REFEREEING DIRECTIVE. I agree that Harry was daft for remonstrating with the lino today but seriously, is this even competitive sport anymore? Football, especially at this level, is high stakes stuff...