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  1. simonhpieman

    Did we play a match tonight?

    No thread discussing it?
  2. simonhpieman

    Championship Winning Squad v Current Squad

    Purely subjective and purely on paper, do you think our Championship winning squad of Elphick, Surman, Pugh, Boruc, Pitman was better man for man than our current squad? Should our current squad be capable of the heights of that 2015 team but are currently falling short? Lots of angles to...
  3. simonhpieman

    Colour blind players Great article showing what it's like to be colour blind. Two of our former players, Nick Bignall (who was utter bum) and Matty Holland (who did alright by all accounts) are mentioned. Makes you wonder, if a usually excellent player of ours has an...
  4. simonhpieman

    Worried but hoping to be proved wrong

    Tindall's appointment doesn't come as a surprise but it's certainly far from the most progressive and forward-thinking appointment the club could have made. Minimal disruption of what had gone before when perhaps new ideas and faces could be the order of the day after one truly disastrous...
  5. simonhpieman

    What to expect in September

    Not long to get business done, perhaps many players leaving. What will our team look like? Will Eddie still be in charge? Not even seen Eddie's post-match yet. Is there any point dissecting this awful season and seeing what went wrong? Certainly Eddie had a big hand in the worst streak in...
  6. simonhpieman

    Eddie's post-match body language

    Had tears in his eyes, wouldn't blame the players, blamed himself, felt a little clueless and was generally crestfallen. Fair not to blame the players? It's certainly fair to blame himself for a good portion of the last few games and in particular tonight but if he is at a loss then what hope...
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    A United story for you

    On the back of our excellent win yesterday, I was reminded of a trip to Dublin on the day we beat Manure in our first season. I'd been at Chelsea the previous week and having enjoyed the tour of St James' gate in the morning, I wobbled my way down the cobbles of Temple Bar and settled into a...
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    U21 v Basingstoke Match Thread

    Just in case anyone missed that there's a free stream starting...
  9. simonhpieman

    Goalkeeper Coaching - Sort of not really might be NON This is pretty amazing!
  10. simonhpieman

    Top 6

    Thought I might as well while we can!
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    Strange new world

    New kit released before end of season and pre-season friendly announced well in advance of it taking place. Absolutely unbelievable scenes, Jeff.
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    Not even in the Hull squad. Are they mad, bruv? Or is he just injured?
  13. simonhpieman

    Media ignoring our goals as well as fouls against us "Pogba, who bagged a brace in Manchester United's 4-0 win over Bournemouth..." Not just ignoring the fouls and offsides but the goals we score, too. It's a conspiracy, I tells ye!
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    Vital Ads (Very wrong, couldn't possibly be more non)

    Yep. Perfectly targeted :slap:
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    Farking Watford

    That's all, really.
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    That window when we didn't sign anyone

    5Live were on about Spurs being the first team since the introduction of the transfer window not to sign anyone in a window. I waved hello. Last season, for a start, we signed bugger all nothing in January. Or did we sign a 12 year old goalkeeper or something that means we actually did. Like...
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    A Scummer's Lament

    Thought I'd share the thoughts of an acquaintence of mine ahead of tomorrow. He began our conversation with "So are you looking forward to relegating us tomorrow?" And he goes on to say "...and I get £1000 as I got 10/1 on us getting relegated early in the season". He's been convinced for...
  18. simonhpieman

    Semi-non: Ryan Mason

    Was rumoured that we were interested a while back. Sadly has had to retire after his clash of heads with Gary Cahill last season. A shame at just 26.
  19. simonhpieman

    Gary Cahill next in

    Is he still anywhere near the England set up? If he is, our chances in the Summer are already down the toilet. VERY slow. Made Miles Addison look like a first class sprinter.
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    Remember when we'd say "only 9 points from playoffs"?

    Well, we're only 8 points off Europa League and 9 off Champions League. Believe!