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  1. Toronto John

    Live Stream Buffering on Smart TV??

    When accessing AFCB ........... either live matches or videos ......... it works fine on my laptop but buffers on my Smart TV. Was good last season but not now. I am told that Smart TV browsers do not update like laptops do, and the FAQ on the club site indicates "Smart TV browsers are not...
  2. Toronto John

    Non - Bands with Wonderful Names

    Now that the transfer window is closed, and we have ten days until our next League game, how about a list of bands that have names that make you sit up and notice. Strange. Suggestive. Incomprehensible. Or anything else you like. Only condition should be that a google search of the band...
  3. Toronto John

    AFCB Live for Internationals

    Have any of you with insights into the Club heard anything about the streaming platform for 2021-22? My recollection from last year is that we didn't hear anything until a week or so before the first League match, so maybe something is just around the corner. DAZN Canada will be carrying West...
  4. Toronto John

    Non - Newcastle

    Just trolling the PL a bit .... Came across Newcastle's remaining fixtures: Spurs Burnley (A) West Ham Liverpool (A) Arsenal Leicester (A) Man City Then finish off with Sheffield at home and Fulham away which could be for all the marbles. Could they go down and take the Wee Man and Callum...
  5. Toronto John

    Three Dumb Questions

    Without the benefit of face-to-face local discussion, questions occasionally come to mind. Probably dumb ones to most of you, but I don't mind being the foil for some scorn. So: 1) Do the referees and assistants work as a unit throughout the season? By that, I mean are the same AR's...
  6. Toronto John

    Non - Lee Westwood

    Leading by 2 going into the final round of the Players Championship, the generally-accepted "5th major". C'mon Westy, give us something to cheer us up!
  7. Toronto John

    Two months, 8 teams, 5 playoff spots

    We have passed the three-quarter pole of the race. It is definite that Norwich will be top-six. Twelve points separate second to eighth positions currently. Boro look like an unlikely outsider, but I have included them given that they have the softest schedule from here. Here’s what we see...
  8. Toronto John

    Non - One for the Golfers

    Tiger and Charlie ..... "like father, like son".
  9. Toronto John

    Non - Christopher Plummer RIP

    Canadian legend died today at 91. Probably best known worldwide as Captain Von Trapp in Sound of Music, but best remembered here as for his many appearances as stage actor at Stratford in Ontario. Many Broadway and London appearance as well. Was working right into last year. Great career...
  10. Toronto John

    Non - One-Year Anniversary Pandemic Review Thread.

    It has been a year since @blandford_cherry alerted us to the Pandemic, in a somewhat ironic way which reflected how we felt at the time. To mark that anniversary, I was thinking that we could each set out a short commentary or rant on how we see things today, and what we might have learned over...
  11. Toronto John

    Non - A Joe Biden Thread .....

    Why not. With all the previous focus on Donald Trump, let's now see what the new guy will be up to. Note the comment from Bernie ....... Biden appeasing his progressives .. ''The Keystone pipeline is & always has been a disaster. I'm delighted that Joe Biden will cancel the Keystone permit...
  12. Toronto John

    Non - How many of these do you have?

    Christ, 40 years!! Not a bad collection. Ten for me.
  13. Toronto John

    Predicted points at the Halfway Mark

    With 5 matches to go .... Wycombe (h) Luton Town (a) Millwall (h) Brentford (a) Stoke (a) How many points? Might as well ask for position as well. I'll go with 42 and 2nd.
  14. Toronto John

    Streams and musing on fate ....

    The angst around the telecasting of matches made me think of something that I had not realized previously. My Cherries journey started just about 5 years .... Nov 2015. It was a Saturday morning, golf season was at an end. I was channel surfing and saw a listing on TSN or Sportsnet, Premier...
  15. Toronto John

    Non - Who is this Poster

    There's one in every crowd. Who would the white dog be if he was a member of this forum?
  16. Toronto John

    afcbTV Live

    Hi guys ............ The last few months have worn me out (can't imagine how you "legends" do it season by season), and I am going to take a month or so off from the Forum to recharge for the Championship. However, I wanted to start a thread for those of us who hope to follow the team from a...
  17. Toronto John

    Who Does Eddie Pick On Sunday?

    Might as well start the ball rolling .... someone has to.
  18. Toronto John


    Garbo bookends wins in Game 1 and Game 7 for the 2019-2020 (extended) season. In Game 7, Garbo made 7 consecutive picks without ever selecting a team named Manchester ...... inspired stuff. To re-cap, the season's winners are: Game 1: Garbo Game 2: chillred Game 3: leaprobe Game 4...
  19. Toronto John

    AFCB Wallpaper

    A couple of months ago, just at the start of the COVID mess, my laptop froze. Hard to get a repair in these times, but finally got it back. They had to scrub most of my data, which I had backed up to the hilt, so I have re-installed it all. However, was looking for a new screen...
  20. Toronto John


    Some quick observations at the half, Dortmund 2 Schalke 0. Very first thing we see on TV is Matts Hummels blowing a couple of snot balls on the pitch before the match has started! It could be my imagination but it doesn't see very physical, even for Bundesliga. Not many hard tackles, a couple...