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    Peter Lorimer

    Another footballing great Peter Lorimer of Leeds United and Scotland passed away. RIP Peter
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    Peter Lorimer

    On the BBC web site. Peter Lorimer is in a hospice. I know he suffered from a brain tumour a while back. I know many of you hate Leeds but just watch the sublime skill of the third goal in this video.
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    Anybody able to buy tickets online today - Sunday 14th July 2019

    Hi All, I just wondered if anybody is/was able to buy tickets this morning for the Sheffield United match? I selected a seat and the age group as normal. Clicking on 'Add to order' left me with nothing in my shopping cart. Very strange. I tried logging on in an incognito session (as there were...
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    AFCB Ticket On Sale Schedule

    For the non-Season Ticket holders like myself, the club have sorted out our account points for this season. Also, the On Sale schedule for all Premier League home matches are available too. The first PL home game ticket sale (For Sheffield Utd) is on Wednesday 10th July 2019 at 9am and that's...
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    Non - Nuisance calls

    I had another call on my mobile today from somebody unknown, it's either 1) You answer and there's nobody there or the same sort of people that.. 2) Begin with "I understand that you were involved in a road traffic accident and it wasn't your fault.." Who are these parasites that ring up people...
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    Ticket office today 16th April

    I brought a ticket for the Fulham match a few weeks ago (concessions, South Stand, fairly low down but a ticket for the match, so fine). My son who lives away, coming home this weekend. I thought I'd get the ticket upgraded to a full priced one so he could go in my place. I went to the ticket...
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    Zero points - how do I get ONE?

    Hi Ladies & Gentleman, boys & girls. I have cup points and able to go to friendlies (Real Betis & OM). I have zero home points and last season was able to go to a few home games because my brother who has points wasn't able to go to some and I went instead. Great. This season as per last, I've...