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  1. Red_Dez

    Right you lot, own up

    Who’s been down voting our Neil on the BBC sports live feed
  2. Red_Dez

    The Sh**e Escape

    Wanted to change the tone from all of the other threads just for a moment... This may be a cry for help from one of Lord Snooty’s Nurses, but in spite of everything could we somehow scrape together 3 home wins? Gosling’s goal gets one monkey off our back. We can’t be that bad again can we? The...
  3. Red_Dez

    AFCB Heartbreak Moments

    1) Reading away in the first Defoe season, 3-1 up In the last game of the season and heading for the playoffs which would be against Reading, Darren Caskey appears from the bench to inspire the biscuitmen back to a 3-3 draw. Still can see Graeme Murty scampering back to clear a late effort from...
  4. Red_Dez

    Southampton Player Discipline

    In light of their 9 goal drubbing at home to Leicester, Ralph has imposed a novel but seemingly effective “self wedgie” punishment on his players for every goal conceded.
  5. Red_Dez

    Uncle Max inspired by Ken’s never ending jukebox

    Seems Max Demin is buying a recording studio.....could be useful if we need to record a cup song this year!:utc: Hope the link works..