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    Millwall - AFCB Match report

    It should be said that Brooksy is not a Welshman, he is English but plays for Wales through welsh heritage.
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    Marginal gains

    I was appalled at the post match comments from Cookie and Woody stating that the team were knackered from playing too many games. Interesting to note that you never hear Spurs, Arsenal or Chelsea complaining of being knackered by all their various EPL and Euro Champ games. It’s time our bunch of...
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    Players we want out in the summer-

    Our current performances indicate that we cannot defend or score from corners and free kicks. It’s also evident from recent games that we can only perform for 45 minutes and are incapable of breaking down packed defences. Our passing is generally laboured and inaccurate coupled with an inability...
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    Preston v AFC Bournemouth

    A perfect assessment of where we are currently, and we still have our main play maker to come back in when fit, well done.
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    QPR The Verdict.

    Looking back in hindsight, I believe EH walked away from the club because he no longer believed in the technical skill or quality of his squad of players to get back up in the EPL. Whoever is appointed as the new manager will have an unenviable job on their hands to motivate and coach the...
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    Thierry Henry

    Having watched all matches so far this season including the ones we won, I have reached the conclusion that our squad is just not good enough to challenge for promotion. The great majority of games have been stressful to watch and if it wasn’t for Begovic we would be in the relegation zone. We...
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    Thierry Henry

    Nigel Pearson would be my choice, the man who put that great Leicester City team together which Ranieri took all the credit for. He also did a great job at Watford before getting the push for speaking his mind. Perhaps he would be too outspoken for the afcb board liking.
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    Match report v Sheffield Wednesday

    It has become blatantly obvious during the Sheffield/W and previous games that our defence is not good enough, apart from Cookie. We have not replaced Franno, Ake and Charlie D with quality replacements, with Mepham, Kelly and Rico being nowhere as good as their predecessors. If it wasn’t for...
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    What a complete embarrassment...

    It’s reached a stage where the only enjoyment I get from watching afcbtv is the commentary by Chris and Willo, how sad is that !!
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    Match report v Luton

    The one major failing yesterday was our pathetic attempts at set pieces especially corners. We had about 10 corners and Luton out jumped us every time to head the ball out. We are also lacking the technical ability to break down packed defences especially when without Danjuma and Stan.
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    West Ham friendly

    For anyone having trouble streaming on the AFCB Facebook website, log on to the live stream on the WHU website, it’s much better !
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    Harry Arter

    H wanted away from AFCB to be with his brother in law at FFC. Considering the dislike and upset of being in B’mth after his family tragedy, I would be very surprised if he would want to come back here. It’s time for him to move on either to FFC or pastures new.
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    Do we think this this was not going to Happen?

    What gets me most about many of these so called professional footballers is that they only want to play in the premiership but weren’t prepared to fight to keep us up there. JT should get rid of all those that don’t want to stay and fight for the club and bring in young hungry talent prepared to...
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    Callum Wilson

    Wilson was great when he had Charlie and Franno bombing down the wings and giving him crosses he’d smash in the net. When this service ceased his goal tally dropped dramatically. I still think he has goals in him but he needs those crosses from the wings.
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    Season tickets

    What I want to know is how COVID safe will the concourses and toilets be when everyone is crammed together before kick off and especially at half time in the rammed gents toilets !!
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    Stephen Purches - Graeme Jones

    My cousin is a S/T holder at Swansea and has given me the rundown on Graeme Jones when he was assistant to Martinez at the Swans. He was seen as a rather fiery character but had a very good relationship with the players who all respected him. At that time Swansea produced fast attacking football...
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    Transfer targets!?

    Brooks, Kelly, L Cook and Ramsdale could also be snapped up, because they joined us to play premiership football and not stay in the Championship. Plus we no longer have the Eddie factor of him improving new young talent.
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    Transfer targets!?

    According to the press currently, the vultures are circulating with the intention of cherry picking our best players. We could lose as many as six/seven players which would leave us in a perilous position with little time to recruit replacements. Whilst we stand to make a lot of dosh selling our...
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    A win at Everton.

    If we get relegated, at least we won’t have to play Dirty Leeds and their feral supporters. Remember the last time we played them and the town was decked ,
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    Match Report and MOM v Southampton

    Personally, I lost count of the number of corners and set pieces we totally wasted against a saints defence who kept us out with little trouble. It just showcased our lack of critical finishing in the final third which has been our problem all season. Callum Wilson‘s form has been so poor, I...