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    Parker interview
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    Non: McClaren That's 11 months QPR waited until the inevitable.
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    Non: man utd
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    Lord Snooty

    It's that time of year again.
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    Non: The bottom three

    Haven't won a game in 24 attempts. Is that a record?
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    non: Funny McClaren vid

    I just found this, thought you might find it funny. it made I laugh.
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    End of season vid

    Is out now and has solent commentary again.
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    Non: Blackpool

    Manager Gary Bowyer's gone. First of the season. First of many.
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    Sky TV fixtures

    Only game moved so far home to Palace Monday 1st October at 8pm.
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    And lots of it. Any risk of the game being cancelled for safety reasons?
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    List of Pillories

    There's one in Christchurch near the castle.
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    Papers Please
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    Non: Hughes sacked

    No surprise. Ah, just seen I was not first with the news.
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    Time to turn to drink

    After watching that.
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    Non: Blackpool

    Some good news at last
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    Non - International Talk Like a Pirate Day

    I be a setting sail for Dean Port. Is Harry Aaaaarrrrter starting?
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    it was almost 19 years ago today

    Manchester City won 2-1.
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    Guardian season preview

    The guardian has started it's club-by-club guide, so here's the big photo of Defoe:
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    End of season DVD

    Do you think it'll be out before the season starts?
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    and Sunderland's manager next season is...

    David Moyes. I didn't see that coming.