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  1. Red_Dez

    Championship 21/22

    Someone will probably be along to say that this was a terrible price, but I got us at 9/1 at start of the season
  2. Red_Dez

    LAST MAN STANDING - Championship Season 2021 -2022 - Game 3

    Another one for Fulham please
  3. Red_Dez

    Vitals First Goal Scorer 2021/22

    R10 K Moore S Dembele
  4. Red_Dez


    Needless to say, you have had the last laugh
  5. Red_Dez

    Red_Dez wins LAST MAN STANDING - Game 2

    Boom!! After losing several accumulators to injury time goals over the years it’s nice to be on the positive end of one following Prestons 90+5 on Tuesday night! Now how much do I win ;) Thanks for running and I look forward to game 3 if you are continuing!
  6. Red_Dez


    Anyone who is a fan of Alan Partridge should go back and re-read in the style of Alan. Lovely Stuff
  7. Red_Dez


    Not before he’s told his dad at Loft for Words that you were nasty to him
  8. Red_Dez

    My dad…

    Sorry to hear of your loss Neil, “ because at the end of the day we don’t go to win do we, we go to be together.” Never a truer word was spoken - I feel like that is sometimes temporarily forgotten with our recent relative success as we want the club to reach or surpass those peaks again. But...
  9. Red_Dez


    Very strange, seemed quite happy to give some posters a hard time (Istabtraq is one that springs to mind) and very quick to denounce/sarcastically demean people who had opinions different to his/her/their own whilst stating how important it was for a forum to have opinions. Then leaves after a...
  10. Red_Dez

    Vitals First Goal Scorer 2021/22

    R9 Chair Afobe
  11. Red_Dez

    Vitals First Goal Scorer 2021/22

    R8 Solanke Brereton
  12. Red_Dez

    LAST MAN STANDING - Championship Season 2021 -2022 - Game 2

    I’ll take Sheffield United please
  13. Red_Dez

    Another New Member To The Coaching Staff

    When is Charlie Daniels signing?
  14. Red_Dez

    Well Done AFCB Recruitment !

    He’s a carbon copy of Surridge Brian, he’s in the loan cycle period at the moment. In fact you might want to pop along when Scunny play down at Exeter and Bristol Rovers so you can tell everyone how he was tearing L2 a new one in a couple of years time when he’s sat on our bench :)
  15. Red_Dez

    Another New Member To The Coaching Staff

    I remember Cooky replying “see you soon” with a winky smiley when Elphick announced his retirement - so this has probably been in the works for a while, hopefully a good thing for those of us wanting Cooky to stay as well!
  16. Red_Dez

    Kyle Taylor

    Good move for him, I think as others have said elsewhere he would have made a breakthrough by now for us if he was ever going to do so. Good chance for him to build a career for himself, fingers crossed it goes the way it did for Harry Cornick!
  17. Red_Dez

    Billing and Brooks on their way?

    Leeds have apparently paid 24mio for Dan James rising to 30mio, I don’t think he’s twice the player Brooks is and stats would indicate the same. Ok maybe that is an indication of overpaying on Leeds part more than anything but I’d rather see us hold onto Brooks and try to coach/play him back...
  18. Red_Dez

    Vitals First Goal Scorer 2021/22

    Billing Queefer Moore (the Cardiff one)
  19. Red_Dez

    Morgan Rogers

    Does anyone know if we have an option or obligation to play him? ;)