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  1. afcb.czech

    Vs Sevilla

    Is the stream working? I just get a black screen on my phone...
  2. afcb.czech


    Why couldn't they play like that against us? By all means, credit to West Ham, but Spurs just played a game of lumping the ball in the box and cannot be surprised with defeat.
  3. afcb.czech

    AFCB Continue to Break Records

    From BBC: "Bournemouth are the first Premier League team to lose an away FA Cup match by three goals to a side from the third tier or below." Hooray!
  4. afcb.czech

    Smith at right back

    I was starting to wonder what has to happen for Francis to lose his place. Well I guess this is the answer.
  5. afcb.czech

    Non - Iturbe

    Starts for Roma tonight. I'm curious to find out something about the player we had and didn't really use.
  6. afcb.czech

    Non - Czech democracy

    Today the Czech courts moved to block a new law (that went completely under the radar) to liquidate all political parties that don't have a seat in parliament. In other words, destroy all parties that received less than 5% of the national vote. Obviously it has been blocked so won't go through...
  7. afcb.czech

    Non - Brexit

    I've seen plenty of poll results done by different newspapers, but because it is only that paper's readers voting, the sample is obviously biased. While not completely unbiased, I'm curious to see where Bournemouth fans stand on the issue. How would you vote assuming the proposed deal from...