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  1. LesTheChap

    Messi very Messi

    Will be available soon............
  2. LesTheChap

    JW interview with Redders Interesting insight
  3. LesTheChap

    We are Number 1

    in the Cup draw tonight. If Barnsley lose we will be the only team outside the PL. Sheffield united await us................
  4. LesTheChap

    Sir Tom - RIP

    Sad day - RIP
  5. LesTheChap

    Super 6 ?

    Does anyone have the pin for this season please ? Thanks.
  6. LesTheChap

    Spare Everton Home tickets ?

    Does anyone have a couple of Everton Home tickets available ? Obviously will pay. Told they sold out last Sunday. Cheers in advance.
  7. LesTheChap


    Great game today
  8. LesTheChap

    Wilson having medical

    According to SSN