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    So that was the fire sale then..?

    Upon relegation I think we all expected Aké, King and Wilson to leave. Likely to leave were Ramsdale, Lerma, Brooks and Billing. Some people were saying L. Cook, Rico, Smith and Danjuma wouldn’t fancy the Championship and some were even trying to claim Mepham, Kelly and S. Cook would be...
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    How will JT set AFCB this season?

    So far we have no real indication of what JT’s “own ideas” are yet. The first pre-season friendly is often just a case of throwing 11 players on the pitch to build up their match fitness but were there any clues? In Danjuma’s interview he talked of a new style for this season that they all...
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    (AFCB ish) Liverpool Corner Counter Attack

    Just seen Liverpool’s 2nd goal on SSN. All 11 were back to defend a corner. 3 players were marking man to man, 5 marking zonally in the 6 yard box, 1 player spare (presumably to shut down a short corner if West Ham tried that) and Salah on the edge of the box. About 6 seconds later, admittedly...
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    Playing from the back and the new law

    On Sky last night they criticised Spurs for playing from the back because they were set up too narrow. The obvious conclusion that it’s much harder to press a back line if they stretch the width of the pitch. I can remember in previous seasons, the centre backs would go to the sidelines, the...
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    Rafa Benitez discussing our defence on Sky

    Not sure if anyone else saw this. They just analysed the goals we conceded from long balls recently. Benitez highlighted the body position of our back 4 and that Francis took up his defence position too wide. Mentioned Liverpool looking to exploit it earlier in the game before the goal. I’ll...
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    Carl Fletcher offered Leyton Orient job

    Think this is a good opportunity for him. Did well under difficult circumstances at Plymouth. As our U21 manager we saw a big improvement in the quality of our players at that level, and as our Loan Manager, has been instrumental in finding good loan moves to develop our talented youngsters...
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    V West Brom

    I’m guessing most of us have better things to be doing on a Friday night than watching friendlies on AFCBTV! It wasn’t the most exciting games put it that way. Overall I was quite impressed. We had a very young defence and looked really solid for 75mins but understandably tired towards the...
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    Non(ish) - Gay Footballer

    Apparently a current Championship footballer is going to come out as gay tomorrow. In this day and age it really shouldn’t be a big deal. I’m sure I speak for a lot of people that wish him all the best if he is happy to make this announcement. There probably isn’t much further to discuss. What...
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    Tom Heaton

    Just rejected a new contract at Burnley with us and Villa apparently interested. One year left on his deal and at 33, the fee shouldn’t be too extortionate. I’d like to see this happen just to see the fume from Dyche!
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    Points gained v Top 6

    It’s often discussed how poor we are against the top 6. As it turns out, our record is firmly in mid table category. Wolves 16 Everton 11 West Ham 11 Leicester 10 Crystal Palace 8 Southampton 8 AFC BOURNEMOUTH 6 Burnley 5 Brighton 4 Newcastle 3 Watford 3 Huddersfield 1 Cardiff 0 Fulham 0 I...
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    Realistic Summer Recruitment

    Lots of people advocating clear outs and all sorts of positions we need to strengthen in. Most of which is going to be fanciful thinking compared to the business we actually do this summer. Two important points to bear in mind I think:- 1) We already have a very strong squad. Maybe not the...
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    Simpson and Mepham

    Before the match a lot of people were saying this was the ideal game to have Mings available. I can kinda see the argument he’d have been useful today but the reality is we would still almost certainly of lost. Jack and Chris are the long term future of this club and sadly I’m not sure Tyrone...
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    Our Kickoffs

    Why are they so poor? When did we last score from a kickoff? Have we EVER scored from a kickoff? Howe really needs to sort it out. If we are always so poor from kickoffs, let’s not bother with kickoffs at all. Maximum of one per game
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    So Bournemouth HAVE changed their style

    Quite an interesting read this. I've felt we've been defending a bit deeper this season and looking to hit on the counter but the stats now seem to back this up Also some more surprising stats in here too...
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    Starting XI v Cardiff based on pre-season so far

    Obviously opinions will change after we play more friendlies and hopefully bring in more signings. But based on what you’ve seen so far, how would you start against Cardiff ? I still have a few positions up for grabs but this would roughly be my XI Begovic GK Francis or S Cook (both great...
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    Transfer Value of AFCB Players

    Some of you may have seen some of the articles on the BBC website comparing real life transfer fees to what the boffins at the CIES Observatory in Switzerland calculate. Basically they use technical and performance data along with age and general market conditions to analyse how much a player is...