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  1. wallmth

    Blakey’s Babes

    A club rotten from top to bottom . : Blakey’s Babes copyright Wallmth 2021 .
  2. wallmth

    Franno BOTN

    Bloody hell that was good !!! Thanks to everyone involved .
  3. wallmth

    AFCB Player of the decade

    Fletch , Pughie , Ake , Fat Frank ?
  4. wallmth

    AFCB Cup games - sickens me

    Not really .
  5. wallmth

    Let’s not single out one player .

    Let’s single out three . Fraser ,Wilson and King ... What the hell is going on with those three ?
  6. wallmth

    So the lack of substitutions today .

    Can’t really get my head around it ...any takers on explaining why on earth it took till the 90th minute ?
  7. wallmth

    National league

    New season starting for us this weekend in the PL . National league are playing tomorrow night with the likes of Aldershot , Torquay and others that used to be big away days and rivalries ...great reminder of where we come from and what we have .
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    Latest Afcb Video of training

  9. wallmth

    Leeds bottling it ?

  10. wallmth

    Brighton ,Fulham and Southampton .

    Expectations for these three games ?
  11. wallmth

    Pair of Burnley tickets wanted .

    Please PM
  12. wallmth

    Brighton, Wolves and Watford

    Boils my p*ss those three are in the semis of the FA cup with no threat of getting relegated . If any one of those win it they’ll insufferable .
  13. wallmth

    Cooks long throw

    Have we ever scored from one ..I’m thinking not but would love to be corrected .
  14. wallmth

    Eddie Howe - Macclesfield town

    Adrift at the bottom of league two , tiny tinpot club . Just the kind of challenge Eddie enjoys ..think we should be very afraid .
  15. wallmth

    Coldest away days

    I know , I’m a soft southern shandy drinking ba**ard but away at Hartlepool in the FA cup , the year we played Manu .With the wind blowing in from the North Sea ..never been so cold in my life
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    Home ticket begging time .

    Anyone got a spare for Everton match ?
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    The PL obsession .

    The lack of fight once we’re considered “safe” . The embarrassing disinterest in any cup games . Three PL seasons completed and no sign of any money spent on improved capacity or new ground . Is this just a case of stay in the Prem at all costs ,and do posters think this is the correct...
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    Away support today

    Great great effort from everyone that went .To make that pain in the **************** trip for a News years day ,early kick off ,crap weather and live on the Telly match . Hope THAT goal mouth scramble was worth it . :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
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    Sweet Scotty Malone

    :lol: :lol:
  20. wallmth

    So November

    Newcastle ,Hudds ,Swansea and Burnley. What are your point expectations for what could all be winnable matches on paper ?