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    To rotate or not rotate

    I know what you mean, but bearing in mind he's 22, I'd have expected his strength to have been improved/developed to a decent enough level by now. After all, we're a professional sports club that must invest a lot in training methods and diets. Not like he needs to be eating/training like an...
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    Yeah, although easy to say now. If we had gone down that season without him, plenty would have kicked off at what a bad decision it was to sell.
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    Yeah Parker was tge main 'tell'. No way he'd have joined if our goal was offloading high earners, bringing in mediocre cheap replacements and looking for survival.
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    I know, our wage bill must still be right up there to. Clearly have a healthy budget still, amusing when people were insinuating no money available or words to that effect.
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    AFC Bournemouth v Luton Town

    Will be an interesting test, imagine they'll line up defensively hoping for a point. Good thing with how we seem to be playing is threat all over tge pitch. Move tge ball around well, finding pockets of space as they can't double up on everyone. Last season we d be hoping for a danjuma moment...
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    Still tinpot

    Taking 2 pills that contain mdma at the same time... apparently:)
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    Still tinpot

    :D I think someone's took @Def_II_Royalz double dropping advice...
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    Diego Rico

    maybe they realized they'd signed the wrong player like I think we did as barely saw him the first season did we?
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    Emiliano Marcondes

    a good track record yes, not sure theres room for sentiment when you're talking 10k+ a week...
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    Thoughts on today

    Yeah, although the championship is very competitive compared to most other leagues, generally the top 6 is populated by sides you'd have expected to see come the end of the season, with usually one more 'leftfield' club disrupting it - like Barnsley last year. The pool of clubs with top 6...
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    Match Report and MOTM vs Southampton

    Seemed to go downhill from there iirc.
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    non [ Ted Lasso ]

    I thought the herd belief was that the whole series is excellent?
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    non [ Ted Lasso ]

    I was one of the few people that couldn;t get into GOT at all. Whole thing just felt a drag, didn't get its hooks in like many series do. Gave up beginning of season 3. I read the books which probably didn;t help with that.
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    Non - Clive Sinclair

    Cal-tec or something like that. Used to love that shop!
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    Championship 21/22

    Weird one as player taps the ball away just before he lashes out with his leg. Doesn;t look like he would have got the ball anyway even if the player didn;t do that, so who knows. But seems an extreme thing to do, looks aggressive if not going for the ball?
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    Ryan Christie

    I wonder how much the downward spiral was due to the Rangers saga - can;t recall if it was already in a state of decline by then. Turned into almost a complete joke the past decade or so.
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    Ryan Christie

    That kind of comment makes me laugh. Usually someone judging us by size of club rather than where we are now, current prospects etc. Basically ignorant. If he'd joined say Fulham, WBA, Sheff U or even someone like Birmingham or Cardiff I doubt he'd be saying the same. Even though we're just as...
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    Yeah the watch tapping was really annoying, but at least he was doing something about it, rather than appear to passively let time wasting go on. Most teams do whatever they can in their power to influence the game in their favour to one degree or another. I'm sure most of us would have been...
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    Emiliano Marcondes

    I doubt it, its not a great surprise with his history that we'd be fortunate for him to be available for half the games this season.
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    Cardiff City v AFC Bournemouth

    Maybe needs another 6 months training to learn the afcb way :D