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    Weekend Quiz

    Freddie Woodman Juan Iturbe Llanana
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    England - Euro 2024

    Bound to take time when neither team have a Big 6 badge to check : )
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    Jayden Oosterwolde

    Yes, all the ones we didn't sign : )
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    Ian Bishop portrait

    I made a mistake with the email address. Sent it now : )
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    Ian Bishop portrait

    We've put a bid in, no critique of your obvious abilities as an artist Rob, but we're hoping not to win : )
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    Mark Travers

    They were in March when he was on the club's calendar : )
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    Non - General Election 2024

    Wasn't it mooted that one of the reasons for the surprise election was, the anticipated feel good factor of England doing well at the Euros : )
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    England - Euro 2024

    It's like a negative of the Dutch total football philosophy, it's total shite football : ) Have those players been trained or coached. I've seen them in the Premier League and they play better than that : ) Is it a cunning Baldrick plan, "let's pretend we're crap and then we play crapily" ...
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    England - Euro 2024

    Please Gareth, enough of the old thymee football. Within 2 minutes of scoring we could see we've seen this show before and it's not one we enjoy watching.
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    England - Euro 2024

    Getting in the zone, Chicken and Blues about to be ordered. Sat on the patio on a gorgeous English summer's day. Obvious reason I can't drink during the match, so if anyone wants my share you can have it (remember - Drink responsibly, whatever that is) : )
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    England - Euro 2024

    Well, if he was, he shouldn't have even been on the bench. It's International football not Scottish Premiership : )
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    Edoardo Bove

    SlowDownDerek the thinking man's New Old Cherry : )
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    Some sort of machine gun I think Rob. Probably for persistent flasking, umbrellaing or standing : ) Best not to ask what you you get for persistent pyroing : )
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    Match Day Ticket Prices

    Surely a club as big as Notts Forest think they are will demand a category A+ for them and a price minimum of 500-00 : )
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    Lilian Brassier

    Hold up play was good, I've heard : )
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    Trai Hume

    No need to bring religion into it : )
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    2024/25 Fixture Release Date

    Thanks, that means we're going to have a busy last couple of weeks of the season. What with catching up on the games postponed because of our cup run to the final. Might be a blessing in disguise we didn't make Europe this season : )
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    2024/25 Fixture Release Date

    I know the last Saturday of a Premier League season is always on a Sunday but does anyone know why the second last Saturday is on a Sunday : )
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    2024/25 Fixture Release Date

    First time we're at home final match of the season (in the Premier League that is) : )
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    Non - General Election 2024

    I hear he's going to build a wall down the Channel and make France pay for it : )