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  1. kirsikka

    AFC Bournemouth v Manchester City

    This Super Sunday on SkySports strap yourselves in for the explosive Paul Moulden Derby. A rivalry dating back to the 1980s, before football was even invented. History will be made this Sunday on SkySports Main Event in this most ferocious of duels.
  2. kirsikka

    Training ground

    When would we expect to hear about the amendments have, hopefully, been waved through. I guess the local residents objecting are probably hoping they can object every development away and nothing ends up there. That's not going to happen in the real world. About the only objection that would...
  3. kirsikka

    Non - Bury

    Honestly, the FL are so culpable here it's a disgrace. No fit and proper person test on a person buying a club for a pound who has a long and public track record of taking companies into liquidation. Now that individual is demanding close to a million to relinquish his vulture-like clasp from...
  4. kirsikka


    I think we can scrap the second paragraph from that after all.
  5. kirsikka

    Training ground

    Presumably it will be used in conjunction with a sub
  6. kirsikka


    Yet another Ashes batting collapse of terrifying proportions. I'm sick and tired of England doing this against the Aussies again and again. It's ridiculous. Hmm? What's that? What do you mean it was the other way around this time?
  7. kirsikka

    Non - Lyle Taylor

    Wasn't he an early EH signing? From the first window when he could actually bring players in. Around the same time as Pugh. We did some pretty good business at that time. Who was doing the scouting? I'm pretty sure DVD Tom wasn't involved.
  8. kirsikka

    Jack Butland

    I think the Butland ship has sailed as far as we're concerned. Unless Ramsdale has a complete 'mare over several weeks and then Travers comes in and has a complete 'mare over several weeks then I think we're going to try and develop what we've got. At this point in time, it seems to make sense...
  9. kirsikka

    Jack Butland

    Stoke wanted £30 million for him and there were no takers. He knows if he doesn't get a PL move he'll miss out on the England squad next summer so he's just ensuring he'll be available for £10 million come January.
  10. kirsikka

    Hivemind Harry Help
  11. kirsikka

    Team and Tactics for City

    16 men behind the ball and hope VAR doesn't notice.
  12. kirsikka

    Villa Forum

    Three of them were on loan there last season so it isn't as bad as it looks. Even so, eight new faces is still a lot.
  13. kirsikka

    official website highlights freezing

    Try a different browser on the same machine to see if the same issue occurs. Then you can narrow it down a bit.
  14. kirsikka

    Villa Forum

    Investment in infrastructure and youth development is exempt from FFP calculations.
  15. kirsikka

    Sheffield United/Palace

    I think all PL pitches are now the same size, unless special dispensation is granted.
  16. kirsikka

    Nob head steward at Villa

    If everyone was standing then it should be the same rule for everyone, whether the seats were involved or not. He was clearly just picking on the easy targets.
  17. kirsikka

    Definition needed please

    In this case, I would just interpret established to mean you have a squad proven of performing well in that division. It doesn't mean you can't have a bad season and go down. It simply means you aren't going into to a season with a squad full of players who you don't know if they can make the...
  18. kirsikka


    Last minute decisions in matches between top six clubs isn't where we'll see how fairly VAR is being implemented.
  19. kirsikka


    Man City were denied a last minute winner against Spurs today through VAR. They're going to be so angry and fired up for their next match. I feel sorry for whichever suckers are facing them.
  20. kirsikka

    So then 2.

    Not sure but if we get anything less than four points from our match against Man City then I think the board should review Howe's position.