A Message From Vital Football - PLEASE HELP


Staff member
Fine Folks Of Vital.

First off, we hope you and yours are in good health and keeping your spirits up.

Just a quick communication, from me as a founder of this network. I cannot say how much we have all appreciated your loyalty to Vital over the past 15 years. It is you that make this network great.

Now, during this crisis, we’d like to ask you a favour, as members.

  1. AdBlocker. Please, if you have one in operation, turn off your adblocker on this site (you can use the settings on your systems to exclude certain sites from being blocked). This is crucial to our survival. We have never been ‘aggressive’ in blocking those users who do use such software, we’d ask for a reciprocal respect during this current crisis (and hopefully after!). We aren’t a Facebook or Twitter, we don’t have massive bank reserves and the only way we can provide this free service, is through advertising. There will be tricky times ahead with income and we need your help.
  2. Please stick with us! We survived one recession because there was still football to talk about. Now, obviously, football is suspended and having taken 15 years to build Vital, we worry it could take a matter of months to ruin all our (staff and members) hard work on building this platform, which was always meant to be a friendly and safe place to discuss our passion for the sport – and all the other nonsense we all come up with daily! During these troubled times, maybe we could all stick together, keep connected and use Vital as an extended pub table – now the pubs are closed especially! We can look back at our best ever players, favourite matches, our best and worst ever managers, what we think should happen to this current season and maybe post up youtube clips of our favourite players and goals. Not only that, but there is plenty of off topic things we can talk about, just to keep our minds off the C word… NO … not ‘that’ C word!
  3. Tell your friends. If you enjoy Vital, then why not tell your friends to join up and join in as well? Spread the Vital word and lets keep this community going through the current difficult times but then, onward into the good times when we can all fall out about football again!
Again, we wish you all good health, keep smiling, remember the bad times always pass and good times follow.

If any of you are having issues logging in, or any other issues, don’t forget you can email membership@vitalfootball.co.uk and we’ll sort you. Just let us know your username, or email you registered with, and also which site you are trying to login to. Or contact DJ
I mean, it was a drastic way to get the number of posts up but I suppose persuading Eddie to leave has been effective. I'd have preferred it if you'd have tried something different though.
Well its great for us all to be still posting despite the sad season and
all our vastly differing or quirky opinions....still supporting this now Famous Football Club .
We are going nowhere the Club doesn't go...On for the Next Ride...wherever it takes us !