Aaron Ramsdale coming home?

Travers is not the answer, sorry. Look at the way he got beaten at his near post against Brentford. At his positioning for the third Arsenal goal. He has too many deficiencies in his game to be number one at the top level. Neto is clearly on the decline so we need a new keeper. Now is 100% the time to sell Travers if possible, he’s a good championship keeper and no more.
Few keepers are the finished article at 24 (actually 25 today - Happy Birthday Mark!), and its the next couple of years that will decide where he career will be played. He needs the first team opportunity at this level, a good half season at least, so he isn't panicking about every possible mistake and can settle into the game in the PL.

Whether we can afford to risk bedding in a keeper like that is tricky. You do it with other players but keepers... slightly different.

Personally, I'd like to take the chance and see what he can do with a manager backing him to make the PL grade. I also understand why many are wary.
Go with Travers. !...I'm.sure he will appreciate the support from the crowd and serve us well at this level....much depends on what is in front of him !

He has done enough and been good enough in 95% of his appearances to warrant being there as No 1 in 24-25 !