AFC Bournemouth v Manchester City

Keeping our shape has frustrated them.

Where can it go wrong?
If we suddenly break out and lose 5 players or so over the halfway line.
They will counter and utilise the space.
Here's hoping we hold on.
Found that quite depressing .... 0 shots......yep Zero....that has to be a first.
I'd rather get thumped 5-0 than watch that carp on a regular basis.
On the one hand, we kept ourselves in the game which is all I've ever asked against these big sides. We make it hard for them to get clear cut chances. Our concentration at the back was much better than usual and Ake was immense.

However, the front players were completely ineffective whenever we did get it up the pitch which made it impossible.

Might have been a different game with Lerma, Wilson, Stanislas and a fully fit Brooks.

Overall happy with the effort but shame we never really had a go at the end.
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Great effort from our lads ! :utc:
City have a great team, so much quality and most impressive of all is how hard they work with and without the ball. Sometimes you have to pick the battles you fight and today we were entitled to do what we did. Right up until the final whistle City were nervous, we kept ourselves in the game and all we needed was a bit of luck to nick a point. With our confidence maybe not at its’ highest at the moment I think it would have been unwise to setup any differently. That performance, although still a loss, can give us confidence for the games ahead. Our season starts now, now we can focus on securing a new record points total. Come on boys !!!