AFC Bournemouth v Spurs

Thanks Eff For That!

Almost feel sorry for Spurs...think their nine have been great....but with VAR we would have been winning before
Cardiff are fighting for their lives so could beat Palace, you'd assume Liverpool will beat Newcastle, so that could see us up two spots to 12th at the end of the day. (could do with Saints beating West ham as well to give us a shot at 11th next week).
That was terrible in so many ways. Glad we got the win but fucking hell...

The ref, us being so bad, taking so long to score, nearly throwing it away at the end...
I was thinking exactly the opposite. Finally, we take advantage of a great opportunity and check another box (win over Spurs). Travers amazing in first half, NBC's MOM. Even poor ref added a sense of the dramatic. Most fun I've had watching a game in a long time.

edited to add: and we can now get to 48 points, best ever.