Another day, another dodgy decision for the top six

They absolutely got away with one on the Mings non-given penalty.

It's either the world's strangest run of coincidental decisions or the top six may just find themselves regretting the introduction of VAR next season when the playing field becomes a little more level.

Free hit today. They were obviously better but we were in the game and could easily have snatched a point. Marked progress over our other PL visits there.

Although an understandable run of results, it's important we get something on Tuesday now.
This week and last....if the officials had got these decisions correct....we can't say for certain how the game would have gone of course but....both were missed at crucial moments, game changing errors.
It wasn't even subtle, 2 hands and a definite pronounced shove with the ref looking straight at it. terrible decision.
Now if Cook had done that on Sterling I wonder what the result would have been.............................
VAR would definitely have allowed the Brooks goal last week, as that was black and white, factually onside. The push on Mings was at blatant as they come, whether VAR would have instantly nudged the referee, I don't know. But it should do.
There is also the offside goal Palace scored against us, VAR would have ruled that out. The potential Brooks penalty at Newcastle, not so sure as opinions have been divided.
I have been anti-VAR because of what I have seen in other sports. And, I am usually in the camp that thinks that these calls even out over 38 games. After 10 games, there were more red cards handed out against our opponents than any other team, and I had hoped that maybe there was a change of sentiment in the offing.

However, calls are piling up against us, and some would have been turned in our favour as per davy above. So, I am now thinking "what the hell, bring it on".
these calls even out over 38 games.
This only holds true if the chance of a decision going for or against is 50/50. That will be true against the Watford’s and Palace’s, but there is a subconscious bias in games involving top 6 clubs.

The other problem with the evening out argument is some games are more important than others. A dodgy injury time penalty when already 4-0 up is no big deal. If that good fortune gets “evened up” by conceding an offside goal in an end of season relegation decider...
VAR would help things like this when its black and white though Al. Its a law of the game that has been missed. Offsides are offsides, its not a matter of opinion. VAR would have disallowed that goal [ and yes, we all know Asmir should have done better ].
This one....and Brooks against Arsenal....and the Palace goal....all wrong decisions, factually. Mings was also a stonewall penalty but maybe an official would be able to worm his way out of it due to it being based on opinion.
Getting a bit fed up now, its getting beyond a joke.