Arnaut Danjuma

I believe that professional Muslim sportsmen have special exemption - I'm sure I read that somewhere.
Fasting is a choice, but most take it seriously. If they skip a day they'll add it on the end, or may choose to do the 29/30 days another time of year. There's no exemption as such, they can choose what they do.

Of course, some countries can enforce it, but the Netherlands and UK are certainly not going to.
Didn’t even realise that the season was over and the transfer window is open?

...his value will go up if we are promoted but we will have to take a lower amount if we don’t go up that is the reality
We are so used to seeing goals from him like the one he scored but was disallowed last night.

His goal to give us the lead was something else, beating a Norwich player, cutting across field and turn and hit an unstoppable shot into the top corner.

Said it before, but Danjuma is developing into an all round player and worth the £13 million odd we paid for him.
Damn that Ramadan...if Dan loses energy and promotion goes down the pan....after all he is the only player performing and scoring regularly :rolleyes: ...not sure if the other scorers from last night have any 'religious health' issues.
Maybe Surridge dips burnt toast in cider after too long spent at Yeovil or Kelly cuts out vegetables on Spring Tides - Bristolians are strange birds :oops:

Danjuma is the buzz theme on the Forum....well ...for now !
Don't get too attached and creamy...he might be shooting off to Newcastle faster than a greased weevil going through a custard cream ... or than Reading's Biscuitmen men in Freefall !

'Funny old Game' ....Covers All !
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Be interesting to see what happens with him if we don’t go up. It’s easy to assume that it’s inevitable that he will leave, but the same was said about Brooks in the summer and our board demanded 40m for him to scare off any suitors. Every possibility we will slap a massive price tag on his head in a similar way we did to Brooks, in a gamble to secure the riches to the promised land. In the context of today’s market we should be asking for 25m minimum.