Arnaut Danjuma

Damn that Ramadan...if Dan loses energy and promotion goes down the pan....after all he is the only player performing and scoring regularly :rolleyes: ...not sure if the other scorers from last night have any 'religious health' issues.
Maybe Surridge dips burnt toast in cider after too long spent at Yeovil or Kelly cuts out vegetables on Spring Tides - Bristolians are strange birds :oops:

Danjuma is the buzz theme on the Forum....well ...for now !
Don't get too attached and creamy...he might be shooting off to Newcastle faster than a greased weevil going through a custard cream ... or than Reading's Biscuitmen men in Freefall !

'Funny old Game' ....Covers All !
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Be interesting to see what happens with him if we don’t go up. It’s easy to assume that it’s inevitable that he will leave, but the same was said about Brooks in the summer and our board demanded 40m for him to scare off any suitors. Every possibility we will slap a massive price tag on his head in a similar way we did to Brooks, in a gamble to secure the riches to the promised land. In the context of today’s market we should be asking for 25m minimum.
All about the RamaDanjuma. Is He all about the Boscombe ?...that is a question for May..when it comes around.

Rearrange: NPIES......those that get Spine...stick around for the answer...and carry on supporting whoever stays at Boscombe if we don't go up...or in fact if we do go up !

Those that get Penis....follow your Danjumas and others who vamoose!
It could all be understood and left unsaid. I'm sure we all consider it unlikely Danjuma would be in the Champ next season. Making it public before the playoffs does nobody at AFCB any favours.
Well at least he said that all he is focusing on now is trying to achieve promotion with AFCB and will evaluate his options after that. I think that is fair enough although like you, I think we all assumed he wouldn't stay here if we missed out on promotion, so it probably didn't need to be said.

But I guess he was just answering the question he was posed and did so as honestly as possible. No point in skirting the issue and letting us believe that he might stay for a second season in the Championship with us if we don't go up, when he personally feels that it is unlikely.
If we stay down selling him could be beneficial to the team overall IF we are able to sell him for a very good fee (25m+) and IF a good portion is reinvested in the team. Don’t shoot me down, just an opinion. But worth bearing in mind the last time we finished a season at this level and lost our best player, we went on to win the league the next season.


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He's at a similar level to Ake ability wise and that's a level above us unfortunately.......still it's important that players like him are seen to get good moves away in order for us to attract the next Ake or Danjuma.