Arter to Cardiff


Fans' Favourite
I, for one, will be very sorry to see him go.

He has done us proud.

Good luck Harry

So glad he didn’t choose Watford, too painful. I hope he does well, regains his form and regains his place at Afcb for 19/20 season. He went on loan seemingly on his way out before at Carlisle and came back stronger. Sometimes being away can focus the mind and he has a good manager to gee him up.
Still don't agree with the loan but hopefully he'll come back and be back to his best after playing every week for Cardiff as he is better than Surman & Gosling. Harry is a Legendary player.
Nothing firm yet from Cardiff, but it could well be a season loan with option to buy if we stay up. That should suit everyone, as there is obviously nobody prepared to pay the £10m today.

As for him choosing us over Watford, that can almost certainly be put down to the Warnock factor. Our Neil is a man manager extraordinaire.
That may be true but there's also a little recent history over the past four season's between us and Watford. I'm not sure if that may have informed his decision at all but it's also a possible factor.

Or it could be that he didn't fancy be sub-loaned out to Granada later this month.
I will enjoy not having to see him gobbing off to the ref all the time, it will make it easier for the other players too, not having to pull him off the ref every five mins. I really do think he has upset Eddie at times having to sub him to try and keep 11 players on the pitch.
His " leave it" was a cracker thou.