Behind closed doors - Fans coming back when?

One more link for the morning. This time a proposal from Tranmere on how to finish the season with a much more complex ppg calculation which means anyone who would stay up under the statistical margin of error remains up.

If that applied to the PL it's likely that Norwich would be the only ones sent down.

Just shows that there's 100 different ways to calculate these things with so many different outcomes. None of them fair.

To be honest, I don't expect the EFL to even consider allowing the Tranmere proposal since all they're concerned about is three getting promoted to the PL.
Has more merit. Few would argue that Southend and Bolton deserve to go down but tranmere and Stevenage have been thrown under a bus. For me play or void but the French model of allowing only automatic promotion without giving a play off place is another option too.
Even better, something digital that would bring the razzmatazz Mr Jaffer always wanted....imagine it, fans able to send in videos of themselves cheering on the lads (not having to pay), bit creepy perhaps, but on the plus side if properly produced we could still be seen on tv flicking v signs at opposition players if they score :)

Well here we go, wonder if they can make it super realistic by letting me hear the screens around me complain about Dan Gosling
Getting everyone on the same games played count in case of curtailment!
Makes sense .... but what happens if such curtailment takes place? Will we be back to the same posturing?
How about this ............ someone on here said that teams could manipulate the result if the curtailment rules were known. So, have said rules (season voided, standings at the time, PPG, wtd. PPG, whatever) sealed and notarized, only to be opened if curtailment occurs.
And the winner is ..........................
Could make for great TV when the envelope is opened!!

edit .... tbh, I think that if they start, they will play it out regardless. There could be bodies on the pitch and they would still play on. Bundesliga will give a good indication, slated to finish June 27.
So some games we can’t watch at all unless we have sky or BT (except for illegal streams for those that are that way inclined, I personally wouldn’t have a clue how to stream a game.......)