Ben Pearson

Couple of articles here re the player.

One why he isn’t playing according to their manager.

The other from back in December.

Pundit Gary O'Neil has labelled Preston North End's Ben Pearson the best defensive midfielder in the Championship.

The PNE star has had his injury problems this season and missed the win over Bristol City on Friday night.

The 25-year-old, who is one of four key players whose contracts expire in the summer, has made just 11 appearances this term.

His absence has certainly had an impact on North End's inconsistent form with Alex Neil's side in the bottom half of the table ahead of the hectic festive fixture schedule.
How have we signed Pearson and Wilshere when we have no money?
My theory is that Blake and JT are still yet to read this messageboard and as such they’re not aware how skint we really are.

I’d imagine the first cheque to PNE will probably bounce and at that point it’ll probably dawn on them that they need to check the bank balance. The following week we’ll put the squad up for sale and our inevitable demise back to 91st in the pyramid will begin.
bring it on - PNE fans describing his as a massive sh1thouse, would two foot his nan if he had too, but can also dictate play, pick out incredible passes and protect the back 4 with his life gets me excited
Very disappointed to read this. With the current restrictions Pearson's nan should be self-isolating and he shouldn't be getting close enough to two-foot her at all. He sounds like a bit of a Covidiot to me.
Like the sound of this - he might just be the resilient, energetic midfield recruit I've been bleating on about for the past two years. And we could do with a bit of attitude about the place ... unless he's "Lerma 2".


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...perhaps he can teach Lerma how to tackle?

..there certainly have been times when we have needed some grit and leadership in games..
I love Jeff but like most of us, I don't really know why and increasingly he just seems a luxury at this level. Pearson apparently has the nous and resilience to protect our back 4 whilst giving Wilshere and Cook (either one I don't care) license to get forward.
Sounds like a good signing. I think L Cook has done brilliantly sat infront of the back 4, but this guy sounds like a proper DM.

With these 2 both there, you would like to think the front 4 will have a proper license to attack knowing it’s secure behind them
There was much criticism that our squad was too small at the start of the season. Might it be the case that having a few spare slots has made it possible to bring in a few new faces now without the immediate pressure to sell first, especially knowing some out of contracts can balance books in the Summer.

In addition to Gos, we could now sell Jeff or Phil, but we aren't under pressure to do so, nor would we exposed if we did.


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We need somebody to compete with LCook for the CDM role...I don’t want to hear any of this “give cookie license to go forward” balderdash ;)

Has never been an advanced midfielder and never will be. Best traits are his tackling and passing from deep- not nabbing goals and assists. Has literally been in the form of his Cherries life sitting in front of the back 4. It’s not broke and doesn’t need fixing!

The way I see it we would have a good mix of options in the middle now:

CDM: L. Cook, Pearson, Kilkenny (seems to be playing the Cook role in the cup)

Box to Box: Lerma, Billing, Gosling

Advanced: Wilshere, Brooks

We have on paper arguably the best 11 in the league, but we lack squad depth. These signings have given us loads of options now. Really no excuse not to be challenging for the title IMHO.