Brad Smith

Hmm, I should know this but I just googled it.
TAM is targeted allocation money. DP is designated player.
MLS teams have a salary cap (about $4 million per year for each team), with no players making more than about half a million. But each team can play 3 DPs more than this.
This year the league is giving each club a sort of bonus of over a million $ in TAM, which they can spend however they want. This means they can now bring in more expensive players they otherwise wouldn't be able to get.
I watch MLS weekly and have seen plenty of games in the Championship. The teams that make the playoffs in MLS would be around midtable in the Championship with the best 3 or 4 teams competing for a playoff spot. The teams that don't qualify are League 1 standard roughly (ranging from top of the table to relegation).

TFC beat the two biggest Mexixan clubs in Tigres and Club America in CONCACAF Champions League this year and deserved to go through it wasn't lucky like we've seen everytime in the past when an MLS side beats a Mexican one. They lost the final to another Mexican side on penalties after too many injuries exposed their lack of depth (a big problem with MLS is the benches are trash usually).
I see he's being loaned for a second season with Seattle in the MLS. Can we not get a fee for him instead and get him off our books.
From what I read, he's done alright there without looking outstanding. I doubt there would be many takers who want to pay a significant fee for him based on performances like that, if those reports are correct.

Sometimes you just have to cut your losses. 50% of his wages paid until the end of his contract is better than having him kicking his heels here on full wages and not playing.
As far as line ups v Sheff Utd.....we might as well be talking about Brad Pitt or Brad Walsh.....or Lady Gaga at Centre Back !
Have I 'lost it' somewhere along the Ride..... Do I concentrate too much on what is the current Cherries Scene ?
I dont 'Get' stuff........innit?

Oh dear.......' Kin save me.... Batman!
Seattle Sounds good y'all........very good for Bradders...nice guy...nice money....plenty of old rope over t'pond...y'all. Away from Brexit too......Fortune favours those that stick just a toe in the water .....phweeee Boscombe...phweee !


Watch again DJ. Watch the last LAFC vs Atlanta match. Like two weeks ago.
I’ll pass, I have no interest really. It’s an odd debate to have when discussing a player who can’t get near the afcb squad let alone starting XI but is somewhat of a star with Seattle.

That in itself shows the standard of MLS.

I’ve googled it though and found this article.

Spoiler alert, the conclusion is that MLS is not Premier League standard and not Championship standard. It’s League One...

And even that feels generous when watching some of the defending and understanding of reading the game across the MLS.