Cameron Carter-Vickers

Generally he has quality, but at times he does try to use his physique to almost avoid making some aerial challenges, sort of blocking and shielding rather just win the header. Maybe be because he isn't that that couple of inches taller. Therefore, given the lack target men in PL, I think he will do well in PL.

On Mepham, he always plays well after a run of games (just before he gets crocked). I think ultimately he and CCV would be a very strong partnership.

The unknowns are the players out on loan. Talk all we want about Simpson, but Rossi is already playing in Scots top div when he isn't injured and there are other youth team players coming through. Only takes a couple to keep progressing to challenge over next 18 months.
See for me what hasn’t helped and I know players need to be flexible but never the defenders have been moved all over the place .
Defenders do need to get into a bit of a structure , otherwise how do you form parternships.
Moving a centre half from the left to the right,back to the left isn’t great for cohesion and consistency.
Him and Kelly tonight were good . I think the balance between them is good
Centra halve pairings are just that, a partnership. CCV and Kelly look better together. However those 2 decent chances we have away tonight show exposed we can be with Kelly. Would like to see meps on the left as he looks a better defender on that side imho
CCV was indeed faultless tonight, he had a great game and played with real composure - he never seems flustered. Dare I say it but tonight was also Kelly’s best game of the season for me, he played without his usual his usual tendency to brain fart
He’s proved me wrong at least, at the time he was being complimented it seemed a little hyperbolic to me and I stand by that lol. But he’s become one of our most consistent performers.