Cameron Carter-Vickers

Top championship centre back who won’t quite be up to the Prem imo. If we stay down he would be a great signing. Like others have said, looked massively vulnerable against Saints.
Yep, tend to agree. Think he would fall in the 'not quite fast enough' category in the prem, like Elphick.
He has been absolutely excellent for us this season though
CCV gives an air of confidence at CB like few others. I think he could do OK in the top flight. For a broad shouldered chap he does have agility to match his power. Not sure he'll ever contribute a headed goal or go on fast mazy runs, but if I were Woodgate, I'd be pushing the Board to sign him up on a long deal. Great addition to our first team.
We had the opportunity to buy him in January (for c£7m I believe) and our highly competent board declined to pursue it. Come the summer, and the way Levy works, the price will likely be three times that.
£7m for a championship centre back is ridiculous and we shouldn’t be paying anywhere near that players if we remain in this league.

Not sure Spurs will want anywhere near that in the summer with him having a year on his contract and the other factors
A real shame that he was injured for so long at the start of the season. Then like others Elphick, Stanislas etc he really kicked on once he got a run in the side.

My only concern with him if we were to go up, would be his pace. Premier League pace in attack will have him struggling. He may adapt, but he was all at sea against Southampton.
But did well at Burnley?
can't see this happening tbh
levy already tripping over himself touting him around various agents in order to get the best price
hope we don't get desperate and are shafted sans lube on this one
Spurs looking for £10mil and Newcastle are also interested. That doesn't look likely then, and for £10mil with one year left, that's a lot.
I definitely like him and he has been solid but not sure for that sort of money when we will be operating on a much smaller budget I imagine.