David Brooks -Can we keep him in the summer?

Strange for a rumour to come out that Spurs want to smash their transfer record for a hot new PL talent a couple of days after the window shuts with them not having signed anyone. Now they can't make a move for months.

It's almost like they're launching the start of a season ticket charm offensive for their new stadium with the promise of big signings.
Apparently Chelsea and Spurts are interested in him. I think that eventually when he does move on that he'll go to a better club than either of them. Chelsea will struggle when Hazard goes to RM in the summer.
The fact that Brooks has already been let go at Manchester City could go in our favour. He knows that he will get game time here, and has played most of the games this season. Other teams were supposedly looking at him in the summer - but we were the only ones to make an offer.

I would hope that if Eddie asks him for another season, or to stay until January at least, that he would give us that.


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...if one of the big clubs come in for him,then it would be difficult for us to hold on to him. Manchester United would be a huge pull for the player and 50 million plus would be a hard amount to turn down?
We will be under pressure to keep Wilson, Brooks, Ake and maybe even Fraser come the summer as the bigger clubs look to recruit...
Brooks will have to strengthen up before a big club comes in.
He is too easy to nobble. very weak legs at the moment.
I agree with this but any club needs to be careful how they develop and bulk him up.

At the moment his dribbling style is effortless. It’s almost as if he glides past his opponents.

What you don’t want to do is put on too much muscle mass so that he loses that ‘ice skating’ ability
I think pretty much any club could struggle to hold their best players these days. Man City, maybe Liverpool an exception. Chelsea could easily lose Hazard to Real Madrid, for example. So if an offer is large enough and the player hints they would be interested, not much we could do really.
I'd like to think Brooks is a grounded lad though, he knows this is a good place for him to improve and that he has years ahead of him. So would hope we can keep him for another couple of seasons. And I hope when he goes, its to someone like Madrid, Barcelona etc, as I think he can be that good.
I believe we will get to keep him one more year. He still is flying under the radar. It helps that for instance king got huge recognition after the Chelsea match when imo it was brooks that pulled the strings. If I were Eddie I’d pay reporters to keep overlooking him.