David Brooks - In ‘Shop Window’?

Their group is far from ideal. Italy's defence will give Brooks short shrift. Switzerland are solid enough. Turkey can do anything from struggling with Latvia and Azerbaijan to beating The Netherlands, so it's hard to call if Wales can get at them.

Any club willing to pay decent money will have had 2 years of mostly poor games to scout...I can't see buyers queuing at Blake's door, fortunately or unfortunately I'm not sure.
In fairness he doesn’t actually say that he’s looking for a move away. Given that he struggled against bog standard championship defences last season, I’d say the chances of him impressing at the euros are slim.
A decent Euros will probably be enough for a PL side to consider stumping up £15-£20m on him… and by decent I mean ‘decent’…

He needs to knuckle down and impress between now and Jan and he’ll get his move away for money that we’ll probably accept…


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To be honest, good luck to him.

Go get yourself the best deal you can Brooksie - you deserve the chance.

Without wanting to use this thread as a way of attacking the hierarchy, but whatever happens at the club now will be exactly what is deserved by the dithering, indecisive and inadequate folk in charge at Dean Court.

We should be celebrating automatic promotion now, not checking the news everyday to see if we’ve actually decided who is going to lead the team next season.